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Reviews for Surge 11.4 by Pelican International

Pelican International Surge 11.4 photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Snowgazm on 2013-02-10
Summary: Built just as you would expect Like a Pelican ! I Paddle in Alaska so wind is what I deal with .. This 11.4 Surge may not be the lightest ..but I have found in heavy gusts w/ 1 ft chop ( the more BULK to the Board ) the better you can Penetrate Into the wind to make Shore. VERY VERY STABLE fun to put a cloth fold chair on & paddle around :) Took it out in 20mph winds with 2ft chop on a lake & found it to be a Very Fun & Stable Paddle Board Very Good Workout bye the way :)

Pros: Removable fin Box Get a 4 inch KEEL for rivers & Swamps ( Heavy Grass / Lilly Pads ) Keep the long Fin for Deep Lakes & Ocean TRACKS Like a Pair of 125cm Down Hill Ski's ( VERY - WELL )in all conditions
Cons: NOTHING ... it is Built well & Does exactly what it is made to do ! Ok Carry Handle could be deeper or more hollowed out for some ergonomic finger curl action ...
Usage: Exploration of lakes & wetlands ...Bird watching / Fishing / Napping in the Sun / Rivers w/ smaller fin / Chilling on my Folding Chair / Getting out away from the Shore & away from the Damn BUGS !

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