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Reviews for Surge 11.4 by Pelican International

This board has been discontinued. See current boards from Pelican International.

Pelican International Surge 11.4 photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Jackie on 2014-07-15
Summary: I have used this board a few times and love it. I like the reasonable prices that pelican has to offer on their products.

Pros: Lightweight, durability, cost
Cons: Boring colors
Usage: Exercise

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: BMH on 2014-07-05
Summary: I bought two of these boards from Costco. They are quite light, easy to paddle and are good quality. Unfortunately the decals on the front of one of the boards was already peeling off right out of the box. The other decals started peeling as soon as they got wet. Pelican we're no help at all until Costco became involved. After a month or so replacement decals arrived. They could not supply original decals as the board is out of production, the new ones are smaller but ok.

Pros: Nice and light and good quality. Easy to paddle and appears good for the 260lbs they say if can handle.
Cons: Apart from the decal issue there are no problems. Pelican are not the nicest folks I have had to deal with. Costco however came through.
Usage: We use the boards on our local lakes.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Snowgazm on 2013-02-10
Summary: Built just as you would expect Like a Pelican ! I Paddle in Alaska so wind is what I deal with .. This 11.4 Surge may not be the lightest ..but I have found in heavy gusts w/ 1 ft chop ( the more BULK to the Board ) the better you can Penetrate Into the wind to make Shore. VERY VERY STABLE fun to put a cloth fold chair on & paddle around :) Took it out in 20mph winds with 2ft chop on a lake & found it to be a Very Fun & Stable Paddle Board Very Good Workout bye the way :)

Pros: Removable fin Box Get a 4 inch KEEL for rivers & Swamps ( Heavy Grass / Lilly Pads ) Keep the long Fin for Deep Lakes & Ocean TRACKS Like a Pair of 125cm Down Hill Ski's ( VERY - WELL )in all conditions
Cons: NOTHING ... it is Built well & Does exactly what it is made to do ! Ok Carry Handle could be deeper or more hollowed out for some ergonomic finger curl action ...
Usage: Exploration of lakes & wetlands ...Bird watching / Fishing / Napping in the Sun / Rivers w/ smaller fin / Chilling on my Folding Chair / Getting out away from the Shore & away from the Damn BUGS !



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