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Reviews for Nalu 9'6" by Naish

Naish Nalu 9'6" photoNaish Nalu 9'6" photo3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: SLA on 2014-03-28
Summary: I rented this board from a small surf shop in York Beach ME. I have rented SUPs on at least 6 previous occassions and taken two lessons . I am an athletic 49 yr. old, ACA certified whitewater canoe instructor, high school Nordic ski coach and I body board in up to double overhead surf

Pros: This board was much more maneuverable than any SUP I have been on previously. My solo canoe stroke were effective in turning the board and once the board dropped onto the face of the wave it felt stable.
Cons: Paddling in the small rollers just outside of the whitewater. I was was challenged to stay balanced on the board. I am a beginner at this sport but this board wore me out in about an hour. If his one of your first time trying to surf an SUP and you aren't a surfer. I recommend going for a higher volume, more stable platform.
Usage: I was trying to paddle into a knee high, peeling beach break on the very wide sandy beach at York ME.
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