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Reviews for Scout by Hovie SUP

Hovie SUP Scout photoHovie SUP Scout photo1 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Amy C on 2014-11-25
Summary: Bought 4 of these for my small resort, not one of them lasted a full season. They're perfect for our needs up until the top cracks around the internal support pillars, and they start taking on water. Great idea but have serious design flaw.

Pros: No delicate fin to get broken off, thick material, sturdy for use on a shore with some rocks. Easy to move around with handles.
Cons: All 4 cracked within a few months of use. The center of the board contains pillars that are supposed to support the weight of the paddler, but instead the plastic cracks around the top of each pillar (even with normal weight riders).
Usage: Touring around Sierra lake.
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Steve Pekich on 2014-03-30
Summary: great board

Pros: lightweight and strong
Cons: color
Usage: fun stuff
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3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Thomas on 2013-10-25
Summary: Good over all, but a few MAJOR flaws, thus the low rating. WOULD RECOMMEND!! NOT A RACING BOARD! MEANT ONLY FOR CRUZ'N!

Pros: VERY VERY VERY Durable! Drag it over anything you want and it will last! The cup and fishing pole holders are awesome! The handles make it easy to carry. the bungee straps are great for taking things with you! I have more good things to say about this than bad, but I went into much more detail about the bad. Please read the whole review!
Cons: First off, the entire top of the board is inset by about 1 inch. Thus, when you go for a paddle, you are standing in water. This can be good sometimes as your feet get hot. Second, there are "Stability things" in the bottom of the board that leak water INTO THE INSIDE OF THE BOARD! This means when you take it out for a 15min spin, you come back with about 8-16fl oz of water in the board you have to empty. I went on a 5 mile race on mine and it seemed to have about 1.5 gallons in it. The pad on which you stand seems to have dips in it, so you are standing on a high point which is not as comfortable as a flat one would be.
Usage: I use it mainly for Cruz'n. However I have used it in races and for surfing. It is NOT a racing board as it sits to far in the water. It is NOT a good board for surfing as where you would lay in inset and your lets rub against the plastic and wears them raw.
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2 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: tombob14 on 2013-07-01
Summary: All in all, probably better boards like it out there for cheaper.

Pros: Cup holders and fishing rod holders, almost indestructible.
Cons: not very sturdy, where you stand is below the water level so you're always standing IN water. Gets water in the hull.
Usage: I have used it on the river and in the gulf, not to good in the gulf, but great on the river!
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