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Reviews for Bliss by Tahoe SUP

Tahoe SUP Bliss photoTahoe SUP Bliss photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: L.T. Bray on 2015-03-28
Summary: I am a petite woman, under 5' tall...definitely vertically challenged! In looking for a paddle board, I researched boards that were made specifically for women with criteria on weight and also on usage. I live in an area where several lakes blend into each other so I wanted a board that was made for touring and would also handle the small to medium waves. Weighing in at only 23 lbs I was able to carry the board with ease even though the frame was 12'6". In my first outing, I found that the displacement hull allowed it to glide gracefully and maneuver through small waves smoothly, allowing me to easily hold my balance and keep my confidence up. My first tour trip was 14 miles around a small lake and I found the deck to be comfortable to stand on and balance for that distance without feeling any stress on my legs or feet. I especially like the fact that both the front and the back areas have places to attach cargo nets for gear. And last, but not least...the Tahoe Bliss Sport is beautiful to look at, both in and out of the water. I look forward to my next trip on this beauty!

Pros: Everything! But, especially how well it handles and how straight it tracks.
Cons: I have not found anything that I don't like about it. It is a perfect fit for what I need.
Usage: I use it to race and tour.
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: SB on 2014-10-10
Summary: Great displacemnet board. Easy to balnce on and very smooth and quick through the water. Downwind rides are a joy. Fun to be had in rough water or calm, very stable board.

Pros: Stable and quick, easy to paddle.
Cons: It's a little heavy.
Usage: I paddle mostly in the Great Lakes.
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3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: karsmi on 2013-10-17
Summary: Tracks well but not very stable. Truthfully I like my 12' SUP ATX board better

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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Beemer on 2012-07-15
Summary: Really love the speed and agility of this board....after testing many this one won out...priced competitively...great the buddy pad for my dog...easy for me to carry...tracks straight...very can explore a lake easy...not a surfboard...this is for a lake and for racing..

Pros: speed,agile, pretty, stable with dog (24lb) buddy pad, handle is in a great spot for carrying, light, good price point, I can still do yoga poses when it is calm
Cons: scratches easy on sides, not enough dealers in Canada, may be unstable when very wavy
Usage: Touring, going for long distances, having my dog as a passenger and small races
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