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Reviews for Tuna 10 6 by Michael Dolsey Designs

Michael Dolsey Designs Tuna 10 6 photoMichael Dolsey Designs Tuna 10 6 photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: kuda on 2014-06-20
Summary: as a beginner I shopped and compared until I found this board at a sports store. I have been riding this daily on the Toms River for about 3 weeks.because this board has 5 fins it is extremely stable . so far I haven't even falling off yet.I learned on a rented BIC and like this board so much better. It is smooth, cuts through the water,. seems like a bosrd i can improve and grow with. I am a 5 foot 10 150 pound woman. I can carry the board myself which is a huge plus.

Pros: 30 non slippery Dec. Stable with 5 fins. Lightweight easy for me to carry. Cosmetically attractive. Cut through water without much bounce. Verystable with five things that are removable.
Cons: because it is lightweight a friend of mine who weighs more than me had difficulty because the board took on water. I'm guessing my friend ways 200 pounds or maybe 225.
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