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Reviews for Kaholo 14 (kit) by Chesapeake Light Craft

Chesapeake Light Craft Kaholo 14 (kit) photo

With their uncanny speed, the Kaholo 12-6 and Kaholo 14 have found a following among racers. The 14 is better for larger paddlers (or those who might ...
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 5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Paul on 2014-05-28
Summary: Stable and fun. I tried one at a CLC demo. I figured I would fall off before I even got on it. I was surprised by how stable it was and how well it tracked.

Pros: Lightweight stable and tracks true. I like the dry hatch its great for wallet and keys etc. Great visibility you can see things you will miss in a kayak.
Cons: Cost and the fact it is a kit not a ready made SUP
Usage: Exercise and short trips

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Bluharleyman on 2014-04-05
Summary: I love the board! It was easy to build and a very fun project. I made it a hybrid board with a cedar strip top with many inlays. I want to build the 12' board for my wife.

Pros: Good price for a good product.
Cons: There is really nothing that I dislike about the board or the kit.
Usage: Many use is on flat water to sight see and fun exercise.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Rick on 2013-05-17
Summary: built this board in about 2 weeks to finish. Varnished the top and marine epoxy the rest. Have patience and follow the directions and all will be rewarded. I also added a hatch to store stuff. When on the shore i pop the hatch to help the board breath

Pros: very stable and fast. I use it for flat water paddling but it handles chop well. Learning to move forward and back to trim is handy, does downwind runs well too, mine weighed in at 37#
Cons: cant surf it to well at least not me must be vented or it will explode with the hot air inside
Usage: i will paddle in grand traverse bay for recreation and exercise, usually 3-4 miles or so. Stop laydown take a break then go some more. Love it



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