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Reviews for Classic 11.2 Bamboo by BOGA Paddleboards

BOGA Paddleboards Classic 11.2 Bamboo photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: loki5 on 2014-10-21
Summary: This is a fantastic all-around board. Lightweight, stylish (love the bamboo), stable, and tracks real well. Unfortunately I've never had a chance to use it for surfing, mainly flatwater paddling. It handles choppy water pretty well, though it's not the fastest board you could buy. Definitely a great board for beginners to learn on, and just as fun for more experienced SUPers.

Pros: Lightweight. Stylish. Stable. Tracks great.
Cons: The finish scratches easily, so you have to be very careful around rocks and tree stumps and the like. I'd recommend some rail tape to keep the sides from scratching if you plan on using it in lakes and rivers.
Usage: I use this board mostly for leisurely paddling and some touring. It's built for surfing as well, but we have no waves in central Ohio :-(

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: rweese on 2014-06-03
Summary: Amazing board! Despite being 11.2 this board is really nimble when I want it to be surfing and yet stable when I'm lake paddling. It holds my heavier body and I absolutely love the bamboo finish.

Pros: Looks amazing great mix of stability and responsiveness
Cons: could be a little higher volume for its size
Usage: exercise, surf

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Cat on 2014-05-07
Summary: Beautiful board, well made, detailed. Classic looking, bamboo.

Pros: Stability and look.
Cons: A bit long for me
Usage: Exercise, touring, yoga



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