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Reviews for El Rey 12 by BOGA Paddleboards

BOGA Paddleboards El Rey 12 photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: VLJ on 2012-06-24
Summary: I LOVE this board! Super floaty, tracks really well on flat water and on the ocean - even when she's super choppy! Paddles really fast for such a large board. I've been on other large boards and it's like trying to paddle and steer a coffee table. The El Rey is responsive and maneuverable for such a long board. Fun and stable to paddle on the open ocean, and big enough for me to put my kid(s) on it with me. I tried to surf it for the first time a couple of weekends ago in La Jolla - it was such a blast (my first time surfing any board)! But the board is a little too big for me to turn, so I need to get a smaller BOGA now! At 29#, it's pretty light for such a large board... the aforementioned large boards were well over 30#. I can carry this one around easily (a man stopped me last weekend in La Jolla to tell me it looked like I was carrying a piece of balsa wood with the way I was trucking down the beach), and while it can be a little unwieldy, I have no problems loading and unloading it on top of my Yukon XL.

Pros: Stable. Fun. Can use it with my kids. Versatile. For being 12 feet long, it's light compared to other boards (29#).
Cons: A little too big for me to surf on (I'm 5'6
Usage: Mostly touring/exercise. Paddle in harbors, open ocean, lakes, reservoirs... if I'm allowed in it with my board, I'm there.



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