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Reviews for 11'5 DuraSUP by Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards

This board has been discontinued. See current boards from Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards.

Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards 11'5 DuraSUP photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Suzanne G. on 2014-07-20
Summary: Great entry level board! Light, durable easy to learn entry SUP board.

Pros: Stable, comfortable all around board. Sturdy design is great for all ages and family use.
Cons: After advancing, this board could be a little bulky, slow for a more experienced paddler.
Usage: Recreational exercise, lake and river

3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Sei Owens on 2014-04-21
Summary: My cruise ship company used these as rental boards because of their buoyancy and durability. I'd instruct guests how to sup with this board. So it could take a beating. Overall the board is very similar to the Bic ACS sup line. I didn't care too much for the rounded nose (it made surfing more difficult but not impossible) It is on the heavy side, but that is to be expected with the construction material and size. Due to its size it is cumbersome.

Pros: Durability.
Cons: Weight, pressure dings too easily.
Usage: Lakes, bay, ocean. great rental board for teaching and instruction.

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