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Reviews for 12' ATR by Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards

Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards 12' ATR photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: JeanaLocke on 2014-12-01
Summary: As a novice, I tried the board on a gentle North Texas river. There was very little wind with lots of sunshine. It was easy to steer, turn and stop. Learning was much easier than I anticipated and I was surprised at how simple it was to gain speed.

Pros: It was simple to learn to use and very relaxing for a lazy day on a gentle river.
Cons: I did not have a con.
Usage: I used it for touring and relaxing.

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Doc Malcolm on 2012-07-06
Summary: A single fin board with a comfy deck pad with a bit of rocker.

Pros: The deck pad is really nice. Good when wet or dry. I like how light it is to carry. Quick to turn.
Cons: It's a bit on the narrow side compared to the 11 ft version this is 30" instead of 32" which makes it a tad tippy when waves are hitting it from the side. I'm 6'1" and around 210 lbs so I was told this board would work the best for me.
Usage: I use use it for fun and with the kids so they can go for a ride or jump off of it. I also use it for a bit of exercise too.

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