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Reviews for Laird 10' by Surftech Paddlesports

Surftech Paddlesports Laird 10' photoSurftech Paddlesports Laird 10' photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Bryan Y. on 2014-08-08
Summary: Great board for surfing over head high waves. Not so good for small surf. Stepped down to the 10' from a 11' Laird Arrow (all a rounder) to this board more dedicated for surfing. Not a board for the beginner. Harder to balance and defiantly not a cruiser. Catching waves is pretty easy and once you are up and riding waves, it feels like a mini tanker.... Rails are harder and sharper than other Lairds... I'm 5'7" and 145lbs for reference.

Pros: Construction, shape, 4+1 option and feel of the board..
Cons: More effort to paddle. Gets tipsy in chop.
Usage: Surfing
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