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Reviews for Wet Woody Ultralite by Lakeshore Paddleboard Company

Lakeshore Paddleboard Company Wet Woody Ultralite photo4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Michael Turnquist on 2012-09-25
Summary: MADE IN USA! fast, stable, turns easy, comfortable foot bed

Pros: MADE IN USA! Very light weight &easy to handle,good handle, Instant speed per stroke, pretty stable, cargo tie downs,Comfortable foot bed, The shape allows for strong paddle strokes, If damaged, it can be drained, dried out & easily patched Looks cool, & I like the name
Cons: due to lack of weight , there is little inertia, so when you stop paddling it does not coast like heavier boards and wind will blow it off course, the Wet Woody is a little bit fragileagain due to the light weight technology
Usage: flat water, exercise, Touring,short races, lakes & bays, the petaluma River,

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: robcasey on 2012-04-11
Summary: This is a very stable board for any level of paddler and for a variety paddling activities. For those seeking something fast - the Wet Woody definitely moves efficiently.

Pros: Very light, stable (I'm 6-5, 230lbs), tough exterior. It's fast and would be great for racing or touring.
Cons: It may be too wide for smaller folks to carry from the deck handle. Being so wide would also make it difficult to prone padde in upwind situations.
Usage: All types of paddling except whitewater.

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