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Reviews for Avanti by Starboard SUP

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"Stand-Up Paddleboarding for the people."

On this board catching waves is easy, yet it's wide enough to bring along the kids or dogs. This volup ...
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 4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Monsterair on 2015-01-05
Summary: Great small to moderate ocean board for big guys. As a 6'3", 265 lbs athletic person, choosing a board can be a challenge as I am quite out of the norm.. I bought this after demoing the Whopper (appx 10'x34) in small to moderate waves. On that board, when not moving, my feet were submerged in water to my ankles. Nice when moving downswell, but more of a challenge paddling out than I wanted. The Avanti is bigger at 11'x36. The board rode in the water the way average sized people's boards ride for them. Much easier to paddle out and still easy to handle and turn. A great small wave board for bigger riders. Also, fun for a casual flat water paddle with the family as,while it doesn't track straight very well, it's a non event to maintain balance while looking around and relaxing.

Pros: Plenty of volume and floatation for a larger paddler while still being able to perform. Great board for a new paddler to be put on as balance, especially for an average sized person, is a non-issue. A great 2nd board to complement a race board or classic shaped 12'6". Finally a rideable wave board for the Big Guys.
Cons: The rocker that makes such a wide board still turn so nice on small waves makes for some s turns when just out for a flat water paddle. Still, if comfort and fitness is the goal, this fits the bill. Certainly not a flat water race board.
Usage: Casual ocean wave riding, Intercoastal waterway flat water casual cruising and wind swell riding. Fitness, recreation.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Myke on 2013-09-28
Summary: My first SUP Pete at Island Sports Newport recommended Great starter hybrid now surfing a lot on it

Pros: Stability good both surf and flat
Cons: No skid deck I added some extra padding
Usage: exercise, surf FUN

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: tony on 2012-06-16
Summary: A fantastic board, paddles well, surfs amazingly,i am 19.5 stone and 6' 4

Pros: I love this board its all round perfection for me.
Cons: Nothing at all bad to say.
Usage: I sometimes flat water paddle but mostly surf 5 to 6 foot waves 3 times a week, the stability allows cross stepping switch surfing, the bottom turn after the drop is like the smoothest silk, just awesome, i have tried other boards but nothing else comes close.

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