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Reviews for 9' Wide Beamer by Liquid Shredder

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This SUP is the perfect, stable platform for kids, boys, girls, beginners and women. Super light weight Aluminum Stringer System. Easy to ride and p ...
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 4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Jm on 2014-10-23
Summary: This is a great board for beginners. Very stable and easy to learn on. Our kids love it! Builds confidence and makes beginning paddle boarding fun. I would recommend it for beginners, kids and anyone who wants a stable board.

Pros: Very stable and easy to learn on
Cons: Not as fast as skinnier boards
Usage: Exercise, yoga, fun!

3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Marko on 2014-10-12
Summary: I purchased a few of these boards for my program. This board in particular seems to attract people for it's stability. I added the 2nd and 3rd fins which helped tracking immensely on flat water. New paddlers like this board right away and the athletic ones start hand standing on it. Great yoga board.

Pros: Fun, accessible, good looking.
Cons: Not the most durable. Care must be taken. Needs three fins for decent tracking.
Usage: Teaching, program, instruction, recreation.

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: hardbootsnowboarder on 2012-09-05
Summary: I was an absolute beginner to SUP. I rented a Big Earl several times. I rented a couple of different lengths of Liquid Shredders several times. Affordability was a major issue in my purchase decision. Stability was a factor. Versatility was big. The Beamer is perfect for where and how I paddle. I take mine to Lake Como about 3 evenings each week for a solo paddle. I can paddle it the 3 mile length of the lake in under an hour. The Beamer handles flat water. When the wind kicks up the waves - especially on Painted Rocks Lake - I really can surf on the Beamer. I can't wait to try this in the ocean.

Pros: I really like the stability. I like the maneuverability. I like that I can really get a great workout on it.
Cons: It doesn't glide.
Usage: I paddle the same lake several times a week - for the exercise, for the serenity, for the beauty. I tour on this board. I can only surf when the wind really whips up the waves. I have paddled some stretches of the Bitterroot River, both up and down. The Beamer works great for river touring. I have taken several teens who have no experience with SUP and they have all been able to ride the Beamer. Every time I have this board out - I get lots of compliments and questions. I have a red Beamer for myself and a yellow Beamer for my fiance'. While this is not a race board - we both love our Beamers. We have mounted a GoPro HD on the nose of the board and captured some great pix and made some really beautiful vids.

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