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Reviews for 11' Hi Performer by Liquid Shredder

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This is the perfect "go fast" and "rip" SUP. The size, weight and shape of this 11 foot SUP model allow it to perform like paddleboards costing twic ...
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 3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Lynxfire on 2015-02-21
Summary: This was the first SUP I paddled on. It was a rental but I didn't feel that it was strong enough to tie down on my Liberty but luckily 2 of them slid in the back window and seamed to safely hang out the back. It was pretty sturdy and decent for a rental but it seams like it would dent really easy although the guys I rented it from said they haven't had any issues with these boards getting dented.

Pros: Stable and lightweight
Cons: Sides are not very strong for strapping down or if you ran into rocks.
Usage: I used it in the bay for learning. It did fine with 6-8" waves.

2 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: robcasey on 2012-04-11
Summary: A great board for rentals, families, and whitewater.

Pros: Very light and can take a beating.
Cons: Liquid Shredders tend to leak after some use and fixing those leaks can be difficult. I personally feel they're over priced for this type of board.
Usage: Everything except racing.

Manufacturer Response: The vinyl skin of Patented Peruvian Liquid Shredder SUP boards is more impact resistant, simpler and more cost effective to repair than Epoxy/Fiberglass. It takes less than 10 minutes to get your Liquid Shredder SUP back in the water. It's so simple even a child can make most repairs. Repair kits retail for $19.95 on the website and will make numerous small repairs.

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