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Reviews for NUGG 9'2" by Riviera Paddlesurf

Riviera Paddlesurf NUGG 9'24 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Candice on 2014-06-19
Summary: I bought my Nugg secondhand as my first paddleboard after renting just about every week for a summer. I got it close to the end of the summer, but with enough time left in the season to get a lot of water time. I've had it for just under a year and have not regretted the purchase. The Nugg has carried me on slow moving rivers, on bays (Delaware and Chesapeake), and in light surf on the Atlantic. It's not a touring board by any stretch, but it's a fun, responsive paddle and is a blast to ride on low, mushy surf and on wakes in the bay. It's not a very stable ride for a beginner, but forced me to get better quickly. I'm 5'9'' and about 150lbs and it works well for me. Getting up on top of the car was an adventure when I first started, but it got easier... having the board slightly shorter helps.

Pros: - easy to carry (on the car and in person) - a good starter board for learning to SUP surf - smooth ride in rough conditions
Cons: - occasionally nose dives in choppy water - it can be a discouraging ride for a newcomer
Usage: - recreational paddling - light surf - exercise

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Dave M on 2012-10-05
Summary: Great all around board for surfing and touring. Very stable for a small SUP. The board is easy to surf on but not to slow when going for a paddle. Great board to learn on.

Usage: Surfing and touring

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