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Reviews for Jetty 11' by Boardworks SUP

2 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Wendy on 2014-09-01
Summary: I'm not a fan of this board and after using it for 3 months will be returning it. The construction is so cheap that I always have to worry about it getting dented or, worse, ripped. As someone else noted, it's so soft that strapping it to your car will leave permanent imprints on the board; I once set it on it's side on the ground and a pebble got permanently stuck in it. Knowing when I bought it that it's a lower-end board, I'm extremely careful with it but have still managed to tear the foam on the edge. I can't have a board that I have to worry about all the time. Also, the design on the top comes off and leaves blue marks on you.

Pros: Lightweight; very stable; affordable
Cons: Not durable; fin challenging to assemble; slippery top surface
Usage: touring
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Gene on 2014-07-14
Summary: For a lower end board it's very lite, has a good soft top. Tracks reasonably well. I bought it for a loaner to friends works great for that, even I enjoy paddling it fun board.

Pros: Low price, good volume for larger friends, soft top , actually has nice glide. And lite weight
Cons: Sides are too soft hard not to leave strap indentations when transporting, I'm not a fan of plastic bottom boards.
Usage: I use it for touring, exersize and loaning to friends,
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