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Reviews for Toes Noes by Ben Buckler Boards

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: J.Bailey on 2014-06-22
Summary: Fantastic board!! I brought my first SUP a year ago from a local designer and haven't looked back. As an outrigger canoist I found it really easy to paddle & have started to learn to surf. I often take my dog with me when we go out for a paddle and love it so much I am selling my OC1 so I can buy a racing SUP... Thank you Ben Buckler Boards.

Pros: Great size & perfect fit for my body size/weight, fantastic retro design ( my sup lives in my loungeroom & looks amazing). Easy to learn to surf with & beautiful to paddle.
Cons: Nothing! I love my Ben Bucket Board
Usage: Paddle twice a week but i want to start racing soon.

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