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Reviews for Americano by Drift SUP

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Kiwi on 2014-06-21
Summary: I have an 11', other sizes are available. Great for flat water. Easy to balance, perfect for beginners. Only 12kgs and has handle mount in centre of board.

Pros: Great colour, one of the lighter boards, well balanced and easy to ride, especially for beginners. Is perfect for flat water anywhere and comes with a cover for travel and protection. Was personally delivered to my door by Sydney supplier (I'm two hours from Sydney), and all communication was friendly.
Cons: Nose is quite flat, so not really a board to mix in the surf and flat waters. Currently they don't have an option for the surf.
Usage: Flat water, lakes, cruising, sometimes for self fitness to challenge myself.
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