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Reviews for Bark 14' Eliminator by Surftech Paddlesports

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Susan Kohut on 2014-06-11
Summary: I'm a complete newbie, SUPed once and it was on this board! Very stable, I tried to loose my balance (rocking and stopping quickly) but very forgiving board. Seemed to move quickly through the water as I didn't use much effort. Like the strap to carry out of water. Only negative: too long for me to mount on vehicle by myself to transport. I need a shorter board that I can handle independently. I'm a 5'7" female, aged 50 in good shape - this was a bit too much board for me.

Pros: Very stable, easy to manuevre in water. Glides quickly with little effort. Good balance and weight and easy to carry with strap out of water. It is also a very good looking board.
Cons: Too long for me to mount on vehicle independently.
Usage: I was a first time user. I wanted to try the sport and that was the board available to use. I would like to incorporate this activity into my exercise regime and touring would be an added bonus as I love most water sports. The fellow I borrowed the board from races casually and tours. He has won several races with it.
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