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Reviews for Mana 8'10" GT by Naish

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Michael dolan on 2014-06-03
Summary: This is 2014 surf model. It is about 29 3/4" wide. This years model has more rocker in the nose and tail (closer to the hokua shape) and has a more stable deck than the previous 9"0" model (my former board). Volume is 133L. Much more performance based.

Pros: This board is performs very well in small to medium surf which is as far as I have pushed it (2-6+ft). It is very stable in most conditions for those with moderate skill level (in surf). This board picks up quickly and performs very well down the line prob due to the lowered volume 133L. I can usually paddle into a small swell in 2-3 strokes with correct position. For most moderate SUP surfers, this board will definitely not disappoint. Much more stable with more action than the 9'0" with lower volume, slightly wider and more rocker. The board is lighter than the previous models at ~18-20lbs.
Cons: My biggest frustration with the board and brand is the painted rails that inevitably get dinged and chipped. A minor sacrifice for a stellar product and brand.
Usage: I use the board almost exclusively for SUP surf. I live coastal and have been riding for 5 years. I surf 4-5 timed per week from march through November and usually drop to 1-2 times per week through the winter months when the water temp drops. I use the Naish rail tape to protect my rails And paddle from dings. The most aesthetically pleasing tape on your market that I have found.
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