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Reviews for ECO Dura-Max by Cruiser SUP

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Kristin Hall on 2014-10-30
Summary: I have a 10'6 board made by Cruiser. It is so versatile! I can take it in the ocean and cruise the waves, cruise the lake in peace, or even risk the open water in paddle board races. It's great for beginners and intermediate riders alike. I would not hesitate to recommend this board to any of my friends!!!

Pros: Versatile. Convenient. Portable. Durable.
Cons: A little heavy.
Usage: Racing (1 time). Surfing (2 times). Touring (25 times). Exercise (always).

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: K.Hall on 2014-05-29
Summary: Great board for a great price. The key to this board is its versatility. I have taken it on the lake and on the beach. Handles flat water and ocean waves like a pro. I have even raced it!!!

Pros: Versatility and maneuverability. The cost is also efficient.
Cons: Heavy board and often times a challenge to transport.
Usage: Racing, touring, exercise and surf. This board can do it all.



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