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Reviews for Roxy Wide 10'6" by Surftech Paddlesports

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Lauren Andrews on 2015-03-13
Summary: I recently purchased the Roxy 10' 6" by Surftech Board due to it's appeal to smaller paddlers and the quality of the construction and brand. This board is made for me! I am on the shorter side (5' 4"), and had no issues. Board is lightweight and easy to carry, and the width is great, especially for beginners. Really holds a line well,too. Great for small surf and flat water!

Pros: Love that it is so easy to transport and use for a smaller paddler. Love the width for more stability for beginners and extended deck pad even allows me to do a little yoga. The board construction is great and can handle getting dinged up without compromising the core or rest of the board.
Cons: I love that it holds a line so well which makes for less strokes when paddling, but that can make it a little more difficult to turn for some.
Usage: I enjoy this board mostly for recreational use, touring and exercise, and just paddling around while my husband kayaks next to me. Its a great board!
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Lorin Berry on 2014-05-08
Summary: I have started a new hobby with SUP boards and I am really fascinated how the boards work and how they are a way to get fit. I recently purchased a California company ten six SUP board and I love it. I want to start a collection of different types of boards and learn more about how they are used.

Pros: I like how the board is wider for stability
Cons: I dislike the price. Everything else is perfect for my intentions.
Usage: Exercise; stress relief
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