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Reviews for One 12' 6" by Naish

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Diane on 2014-12-11
Summary: I'm pleasantly surprised by the speed and stability of my new Naish ISUP! With the addition of an electric pump, I'm on the water in no time. It's durable and looks pretty sharp on the water. I love it!

Pros: stability and speed
Cons: I love it!
Usage: Touring on rivers, bays, and the Gulf.
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Jill VA on 2014-11-02
Summary: This is my 2nd inflatable. The first one was the cheapest I could find because I had never paddled. The Naish was twice as much and twice the quality. Am now paddling 4-8 miles on lakes, wind makes a difference but it does with any vessel. Been to the beach 2 times -challenging but fun. I don't surf so after getting past the waves a mile and back is a good work out. I do feel wobbly sometimes but have read a narrow racing board is not like a fatter surfing type board. Tried this board on a shallow river this weekend - didnt loose the fin. Other board lost 2 in the surf.

Pros: Seems durable. Easy to travel with. I'm a female, 5'9" no problem, pumping up the board or carrying it to the water or in its backpack. No problems with feet slipping, the deck padding will not loose it's grip over time. The backpack bag is great for touring if you need a map in front of you.
Cons: None of my friends have one!
Usage: Exercise and touring. Looking forward to trying racing and light surf!
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2 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Eric on 2014-06-05
Summary: Fast yet unstable, very durable, very grippy traction pad. Travel ease is only real plus as well as storage size. Very disappointed with quality and instability. Might be better for lakes where conditions are less volatile.

Pros: Speed, paddles effortlessly, high durability due to giving hull material
Cons: Unstable in all but flat water. Grip pad tears up knees when having to drop down which is significant due to instability. Inflation process is falsely advertised. Using given pump arms are tired before the board is to 14 psi which is needed to have any rigidity. Craftmanship(China) is low and seams as well as graphics are highly unsymmetrical. Overpriced for value.
Usage: Touring. Can't surf (pearls easily). Can't downwind due to instability. Anything but flat water or very small chop will be performed on knees.
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4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: MattB on 2014-05-12
Summary: I've had a rigid SUP for the past year. I was looking for a second board that I could take friends, kids, etc. out with me paddling. Also wanted the board to be forgiving (if it gets bumped into something). Wanted something portable that I can take when I travel. Purchased the Naish One 12'6". Inflation was easy (you get a good warm up pumping it to the recommended PSI) for me, but someone small might have a little more challenge with it. Fin slid into the box a little tight, but easy enough. I've really enjoyed it in flat water to mild chop. Good glide for an inflatable. Feels very responsive. There is a little rocker there, but not dramatic so it does OK in crosswind. The construction seems very solid. I think inflatables are great for the recreational paddler that doesn't want to deal with a rack for their car, enjoys the portability of it. Price point was at higher end for inflatables, but I believe that you get what you pay for. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Pros: Portability Solid construction Responsive in the water Good in the flats and mild chop (haven't had it out in bigger water)
Cons: Nothing.
Usage: Fitness, recreation. Will be happy to try it out in a 12'6" class race.
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5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Sean on 2014-04-17
Summary: The board is as fast as a glass of carbon board of the same size and shape with the convenience of increased ease of travel and dingproof.

Pros: Don't have to worry about dings or damage , can take in the surf or shallow rivers and don't have to worry about damage to plastic fin or the board. Equally fast as other same shape and width touring boards
Cons: Not quite as efficient as a non inflatable race board
Usage: River, training, exercise, surfing
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