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Reviews for Speeder by Imagine Surf

Imagine Surf Speeder photoImagine Surf Speeder photo5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: siemon j. franken on 2014-04-16
Summary: i recommend nothing lightly, this i strongly recommend to anyone who is vascillating between a kayak or a sup-try this you have both !! The only 'compromise' is that it is a completely exposed kayak, as a stand up paddleboard it is very adequate on higher waters in the Delaware River-the last undammed river East of the Mississippi.i bought this for training,it serves very well- for it tracks well and is responsive without being quirky. Heavier than most paddleboards yes but the price point, its heavy dutiness are what balance that equation out.Lighter is always much pricier.i plan,in time to try other,lighter boards but the Speeder is one i will keep for years to come.

Pros: Bought direct from manufacturer via Amazon,the board arrived well packaged and in good time.This board is user friendly[my first board]not too heavy,solid,stable,well balanced. the seat is firm,one doesn't think about it either way whether engaged as a seat or as it lays dormant within the deck. Generous enough bungees.
Cons: Very little though the hatch is far from watertight.The footwells would benefit from a better anchoring...perhaps achievable through a gummy coating in the heel anchoring cavities.Wearing reef walkers helps. More instruction from the manufacturer regarding optional fins would be most beneficial.
Usage: Up and downstream training as a sup-downstream as a sit on top board/kayak.Great for river work or in lakes as one can go with the wind[naturally so in going upstream] then sit and switch paddles to return down stream or downwind in a lake.
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