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Reviews for Recon Air-Glide 9.9 by SIC Maui

3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Therese on 2014-04-04
Summary: Just purchased this board a few months ago. I really wanted an inflatable for easy of transport and traveling. It's a bit unsteady and not super fast, but I bought it to learn how to SUP surf, so I weighed the length/speed carefully. I just wish there were one board that could glide quickly, turn quickly and transition to wave riding, but I know I am asking too much.

Pros: Super portable. Super light at abt 21 lbs. You get a warmup just by inflating the thing, takes 10 min. It fits in my Mini!
Cons: Slower on flat water (as expected). Not super rigid; it has just a bit too much give. This may be petty, but I wish it were prettier.
Usage: Touring and flat water



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