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Reviews for Bali by Solstice

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: AJ on 2014-07-17
Summary: I tried this board out today and absolutely loved it. I had my doubts with an inflatable board but found this one to be very solid. I had a great time riding it solo as well as taking my kids out with me.

Pros: Very solid Great workout
Usage: Exercise Touring

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Kelly on 2014-03-31
Summary: I love this inflatable paddle board. I don't have a lot of storage room in my townhome so this was a good option for me. When inflated this board feels like a solid board and it sits high enough in the water to provide a good amount of balance. It's not built for speed, but great for a recreational user. Also, at $600 it would be a great option for someone new to the sport.

Pros: balance and maneuverability is good, low cost, easy to transport, fits in a trunk of closet
Cons: takes 10-15 minutes to inflate and you have to have the pump with you, also it's pretty heavy. The manufacturer says 25 pounds but I would say it's closer to 50. It comes with a backpack so fine for carrying a short distance but I wouldn't take it hiking.
Usage: still water, slow moving water (river), exercise, social

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