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Reviews for Kaimana 11'0 by HYPR Standup Paddle Boards

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Jeff on 2014-03-30
Summary: This is one of the best stock class boards I've been on. Not only is it incredibly light and gorgeous, it also responds like a dream. At 11' by 30.5", it floats up to 265 lbs reliably. The rocker with the diamond tail (hence the kaimana name) makes it surf like a dream on chest high and smaller days. The carbon/pine/mahogonay is visually striking... So much so that wherever I take it, people want to know where to buy one! I've even had people offer to buy it off my hands.

Pros: Stunning Solid construction Incredibly light for an 11' board Surfs well Fast for a flat water board
Cons: Like all fiberglass, it scratches on rocks.
Usage: Exercise, surf, touring



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