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Reviews for MCIT 11'6 by Badfish StandUp Paddle

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Chris on 2014-03-28
Summary: The Badfish MCIT 11'6 inflatable is an interesting board. Super staple, fast for an inflatable, and you can pile kids or gear on it. The board looks different than other boards thanks to the side rails. But this board is popular enough that other paddlers won't think anything of it. There are a couple negatives about this board. The price, it is not cheap. Makes it hard to pull the trigger on this board when there are other boards that do similar things for a lower price. The other issue, water on the deck. When using this board for it's intended purpose, whitewater, this is not an issue. But try this board in flatwater and you may end up standing in a puddle. I've been told that if you pump this board to the correct PSI, it doesn't happen. I have not had any luck with this. I typically end up standing in a puddle. However, I really liked this board. It is super stable and fun to paddle. I could probably do cartwheels on this thing. It has good glide and paddles well. This board is a staple on the rapids used by some of the best. I just wished I didn't stand in a puddle when I paddled it on flat water.

Pros: A great river runner
Cons: Pricey and wet feet
Usage: Whitewater and touring

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