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Reviews for 10'8 Adventure Inflatable by Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Tamara Bennett on 2014-06-09
Summary: I owned the Hobie Tandem rotomolded kayak before the inflatable series of kayaks came out. Once I owned an inflatable kayak, it was a no brainer to own an inflatable Hobie SUP.

Pros: Compact storage and transporting. Stable and maneuverable. Comes with everything you need.
Cons: My personal preference would be a deck pad that did not leave marks on my knees. But it is grippy and soft, so who am I to complain.
Usage: flat water touring. Towing the kids while they fish from it.

3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Chris on 2014-03-30
Summary: I rented two Hobies on vacation and put a summers worth of time on them in just a few short days. I really like them, paddled great, stable, and were a lot of fun. I looked into buying one when I returned home. But the price stopped me and here is why. These boards are expensive. Compared to the SHUBU, they are almost identical and the SHUBU is significantly less. I have physically compared them side by side and while the Hobie looks a little nicer and may have a couple of extra features, I don't feel it's worth the price. Both boards are surely pumped out of the same factory. I would rather buy the SHUBU and invest in a great paddle. For the price of the Hobie, it puts you in the territory of the ULIs, Red Paddle, starboard, etc. Those brands have more unique shapes that aren't a generic shape that is used by several board makers who wanted an inflatable. With that, it's a nice, fun board and if it was cheaper, I would have likely bought one. Instead, I purchased a board from one of the makers I mentioned above because I wanted a unique shape.

Pros: It was a stable, fun board. The fact that it's inflatable, you can take it anywhere!
Cons: The price and the generic shape.
Usage: Flatwater

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Tamara Bennett on 2014-03-28
Summary: I own a tandem Hobie inflatable kayak and I picked up the inflatable kayak as a fun addition to my obsession with Hobie inflatables. I have owned it for two seasons and it rides in my car ready to go all summer. It tracks great, is very sturdy, paddles and glides with ease. I highly recommend all Hobie inflatable products.

Pros: Compact to carry and stores easily in your trunk. Comes with a large volume pump and pressure gauge.
Cons: Backpack straps for the carrying bag could be reinforced a little more. Sewing tries to pull apart on the bag a little. Just have to be careful when lifting it so you don't rip a strap loose from the bag. No cons at all with the board itself.
Usage: recreational lake use

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