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Reviews for Strider by Jimmy Styks

3 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Ben on 2014-04-05
Summary: Great board on flat and surf Want to get a smaller one though for more aggressive riding

Pros: Good all around
Cons: slow turns would like a more aggressive style
Usage: i use it equally in surf and flat

4 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Ramon on 2014-03-28
Summary: i bought this board in Costco, the board comes complete with all the accessories (except the paddle), so you can grab it and go, and its higher volume makes it appropriate for all body types, including heavier paddlers. i am paddling with ease and able to paddle into and out of small to medium waves. this board is a good all rounder but if you are looking for best performance either touring or surfing you will have to refine your next choice.

Pros: Easy to use, levels from never uses a SUP before, to a PRO....really stable, fast board for the size. In general good board..!!
Cons: Not to many cons, only one I could think its the weight when I have to carry out, but in general its excellent

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