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Reviews for ACE-TEC CROSS 10' Fit by BIC SUP


The new "CROSS-SUP" blends the excellent performance characteristics found in BIC SUPs Classic surf-inspired series with features found on its 2013 Ou ...
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 5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: LN on 2014-07-14
Summary: Very stable, light, tracks well, and I was surprised to find it works great for surfing.

Pros: Performance in small waves
Cons: None yet
Usage: Surf and cruising

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Charmaine Saulsbury on 2014-07-02
Summary: I used the Cross Platinum while teaching my first L-1 class with new boarders. It was perfect. The guys were able to adapt and began doing a few cross-steps on the board. Next used it during my Yoga Endorsement in Florida with ACA. Very nice board and stable

Pros: Looks professional. Very adaptable in different conditions
Cons: Perfect
Usage: Exercise and touring

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Katrina on 2014-06-19
Summary: This board is perfect for the simple SUP'er. Very easy to control. Perfect for yoga or fishing. Very stable and would recommend to a person who had handed with fiberglass boards before.

Pros: sits on top of the water so your feet don't get wet and you turn easier. Perfect deck bungees for strapping down items to the deck Full padded board allows full movement on board.
Cons: its Fiberglass so you must be careful not to damage the board for it is not as durable as the poly boards.
Usage: This is a good flat water board. I would use this for yoga and slow touring.

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: Mandy L McMurdo, photographer on 2014-06-16
Summary: Stability & Ease! I feel so safe and comfortable on the Cross Platinum. I even climb on my clients extra board with all my camera gear (mind you I don't have underwater housings) and paddle across the cove to get shots of her in action...Amazing! I've been out several times and never had the "I'm going to fall in" feeling.

Pros: Easy to paddle...glides across the water. Very sturdy.
Usage: Fun, exercise and photography

5 stars (out of 5) Submitted by: paul greene on 2014-06-04
Summary: I took a demo on the Cross. Fell in love instantly. I'm and intermediate to advanced paddler and this board performs on all levels, from beginner to expert. Light, maneuverable, stable, tracks well and is amazing in the surf, even in larger waves. First time paddlers will take to it easily and will be able to advance right thru to intermediate status in no time at all. This one board is as close to an all purpose board as anything manufactured in the SUP market by any board maker. The fact that it is virtually indestructible and works for a large rider weight range, sold me on this board from the first stroke. All of the above and it is killer looking. Cheers

Pros: Light, stable, compact and easy to carry, super in the surf, even in larger waves, indestructible, multipurpose, comfortable decking, attractive and one board does it all.
Cons: Honestly, I couldn't find anything that dampened my enthusiasm for this board.
Usage: Surfing, touring, exercise and paddling my dog around the bay in Santa Cruz

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