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July 18 - The latest SUP news and how-to information.
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Bracing Strokes for SUP

Bracing Strokes for SUP

Bracing goes beyond the basic support that paddling provides. There are a few more involved bracing techniques that you can use to regain your balance. This video describes how bracing can help you stay upright on your stand up paddleboard.

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SUP Boards for Kids

10 SUP Boards for Kids

Want to get your youngster interested in SUP? Take a look at these boards we've highlighted as great boards for kids. Compare price, length, width and more in this brief overview of 10 kid-friendly boards.

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Video: Giant Jellyfish from SUP

See this video of a giant barrel jellyfish taken by a SUP group paddling near St Micheal's Mount in Penzance (UK). If the aquatic wildlife doesn't impress you, check out the cliffs and castle this group is paddling around! Awesome!

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Featured Review

ACE-TEC WING Touring 11' by BIC SUP

This is one of my favorite boards to paddle! As a woman, the size provides me with plenty of stability and confidence to play with different maneuvering techniques. It cuts through the current like butter and I can easily maintain a steady, efficient pace. Most importantly, its durability gives me greater piece of mind.

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Holding a SUP Paddle

How to Hold a SUP Paddle

Don't worry, almost everyone has done it - stood up on a SUP for the first time and started paddling with the paddle the wrong way! This article explains why it may naturally feel right for beginners, but the advantages to holding a SUP paddle the right way.

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Feature Board

The Catalina 12.6 by Blu Wave SUP

The Catalina 12.6 is designed for flat water cruising, training, touring and recreational racing. Moderate nose and tail rocker will keep the nose up in choppy conditions or larger waves.

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