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Moving Around on your SUP - 14 hr ago
In this video, Jimmy Blakeney looks at a few key stances, as well as tips for staying balanced while you're walking around and moving on your SUP.
Board Review: Astro Whopper by Starboard SUP - 2 days ago
Love this board. I'm a bigger dude (~240 lbs) so I was concerned about going from a 12' Laird to this 10' board. But happily, it was the right move, as I'm being floated fine (my co...
Need for SUP speed - 6 days ago
Your SUP speed across the water is determined by two things: how many paddle strokes you take a minute and how long, or far, your paddle travels through the water
Shark bites SUP in Maui - 7 days ago
No one was injured in the incident, but a shark bit a female stand-up paddleboarder's board in waters off the Maui Sunset in Kihei near 10 a.m., authorities said.
Review: BOGA Yoga by BOGA Paddleboards - 9 days ago
I am in love with my BOGA board. I bought mine when they first came out to not only practice yoga but to take my three dogs for a spin ;) ...we r always a big hit on Lake Austin! And...
Hooked on SUP! - 10 days ago
SUP builds muscle strength in the arms and legs, conditions your core and improves your balance. You get similar health benefits from kayaking, but paddling is more physical and, to ...
Pros describe popularity of SUP - 11 days ago
Ruthy Vesler went from SUP beginner to pro in four years. In fact, the retired pro triathlete was hired as a paddleboarding coach for kids before she ever really knew how to hop on.
Surfer creates wheelchair paddleboard - 13 days ago
California surfer Kawika Watts created the "on-it" ability board, which allows those in wheelchairs the freedom to stand-up paddleboard
New Product: Oar Board by Whitehall - 16 days ago
11' SUPs and longer become hot single or double position sculling boats with this amazing new accessory. Just strap it on in under 5 minutes and go!
Review: NRS Earl 4 SUP Board by NRS - 16 days ago
This is a very well made inflatable board that stows easily and paddles well. Pros: the board is highly maneuverable and when inflated over 13 pounds of pressure is very stiff. The ...
Laird Hamilton Tricks on SUP - 18 days ago
Watch this great video of the 'Godfather of SUP', Laird Hamilton doing tricks and enjoying 'one fun day' at Hanalei Bay in Kauai.
Submit a Review, Win a SUP - 19 days ago
Add a Review for a Great Chance to WIN a SUP board and paddle! Winner to be chosen at random from first 500 entries.
Video: Essential SUP Gear - 21 days ago
Jimmy Blakeney describes essential gear necessary to begin standup paddleboarding. He also looks at the basic anatomy of a SUP board.

    Win a SUP Recent Board Reviews:
5 stars (out of 5) GT 9'6" by Hoe Nalu Hawaii
4 stars (out of 5) The Wave Rider 10.6 by Blu Wave SUP
5 stars (out of 5) Bamboo 11'6 by Jobe SUP
5 stars (out of 5) Lake SUP 12' by Liquid Shredder
3 stars (out of 5) MVP by Badfish StandUp Paddle
4 stars (out of 5) 10' EFG SUP - Bamboo Veneer by California Board Company
5 stars (out of 5) KM Cruiser 11 by KM Boards
5 stars (out of 5) 11' Duke by Smooth SUP

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