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Video: Swiss River Wave SUP - 2 days ago
The city of Bremgarten in Switzerland is well known for its river wave; watch this video and you can see why. This standing river wave provides some endless rides!
World Paddling for the Planet Day celebrated - 3 days ago
The day was founded in 2012 by stand up paddle surfer Bob Purdy in an effort to promote environmental change by reconnecting people to their natural surroundings.
Most People on a SUP Guinness attempt - 4 days ago
At the upcoming Auckland (NZ) on Water Boat Show (Sept 25-28) Lancer Industries Ltd will be arranging a Guinness World Record attempt for 'Most People on a Stand Up Paddle Board'.
Board Review: Touring by Kitson Boards, LLC - 5 days ago
he boards are very stable and easy to control. Several of my friends, of varying size and athletic ability, have used my boards; all of which found the boards to very stable and easy...
Video: SUP in Israel - 6 days ago
Join Mo Freitas as he SUPs the Jordan River and paddles the Dead Sea, the lowest sea in the world. And the saltiest...
Kids Race in Round-the-Rock SUP race (WA) - 9 days ago
Seattle, WA: The SUP race was a non-profit benefiting Athletes 4 Cancer, a charity that supports Camp Koru, adventure camps that are held for young adult cancer survivors
Look who's on SUP now! - 10 days ago
What's better than seeing a Sister on a paddle board? How about seeing three! Courtesy of Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church.
Board Review Freestyle XL by Lifetime Products - 12 days ago
Nice SUP. Especially for the beginners to intermediate. Heavy construction. Very stable, safe, and durable. Great for kids, teenagers, beginners...
Video: Beach Landing on SUP - 13 days ago
This video demonstrates a safe method to getting off a SUP so you don't cut your feet or twist your ankle on unseen hazards.
Hundreds paddle board to fight autism - 14 days ago
Hundreds of people grabbed some waves in Ponte Vedra, FL to raise money for a local group that supports children and families dealing with autism.
No Joke - the Sit Down SUP is a reality! - 16 days ago
If SUP is too tiring, the CruiserBoard upgrades your standard paddleboard with a comfy place to sit and lean.
10 Inflatable Boards for SUP - 18 days ago
Are mobility and storage space a concern for you when considering a SUP? If so you may be looking for an inflatable SUP. We've highlighted 10 inflatable boards for you to compare.
Board Review: Bam Bam 10'8 by Michael Dolsey Designs - 19 days ago
I bought this board early this summer to replace a bic because i wanted something to surf with. It does catch waves better. I dont think the bamboo is very thick and does not help wi...
Video: Sit Down Paddleboarding? - 20 days ago
Does this video signal the invention of a whole new sport: sit-down paddleboarding? Probably not... just a fun time!

    Recent Board Reviews:
4 stars (out of 5) Touring by Kitson Boards, LLC
5 stars (out of 5) Touring by Kitson Boards, LLC
5 stars (out of 5) Blondie by Three Brothers Boards
1 stars (out of 5) Blondie by Three Brothers Boards
2 stars (out of 5) SUPerFISHAL by Jackson Kayak
2 stars (out of 5) Jetty 11' by Boardworks SUP
1 stars (out of 5) Ultra Lite Wahine Bamboo by Cruiser SUP
1 stars (out of 5) Koa by Cruiser SUP

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