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Novice paddlers get stand-up advice from Laird Hamilton - 22 hr ago
Surfing legend Laird Hamilton made a surprise appearance and gave Emma Rawitz, 6, of Manhattan Beach (CA) a few tips on SUP.
Video: Bracing Strokes for SUP - 2 days ago
This video describes a few bracing techniques that can help you stay upright on your stand up paddleboard.
Giant Jellyfish from SUP - 5 days ago
A SUP Club in England encountered at least 20 of these amazing giant barrel jellyfish near Penzance, Cornwall (UK) at the foot of St Michael's Mount.
Fly fishing from SUP - 6 days ago
Rarely does the SUP angler not get where he/she needs or wants to go. One small step for man, one helluva bad day if you're a fish. There really are no safe harbors anymore.
Top 10 Tips for SUP with your Dog - 7 days ago
Maria Christina Schultz, author of "How To SUP With Your PUP", offers up her Top Ten Tips for Standup Paddling with Your Dog.
Consumer Review: Raven 12'6 from Boardworks - 8 days ago
The Boardworks Raven 12'6" SUP is a great, stable board. I'm a novice paddler but feel confident paddling on both my knees and standing up - in calm and choppy lake water mostly. Lov...
3D Printed SUP board - 9 days ago
It can either be folded in half into an easy-to-transport board, or into quarters and be put into a backpack in order to fit into small compact places.
Special Olympians take to SUP - 10 days ago
Although stand-up paddleboarding is not a Special Olympics of Florida-sanctioned sport yet, the athletes can compete in invitational competitions this year.
Longtime angler stands up to fish with paddleboard - 12 days ago
George Hughes has tried just about everything during a lifetime of angling. But he likes his new fishing vessel - a stand-up paddleboard - the best.
New Zealand Boat Show to hold world record SUP attempt - 14 days ago
At 20-metres long, the SUP will hold an estimated 52 participants led by Quiksilver SUP team rider, Troy Huston.
Consumer Review: Traverse by Emotion Kayaks, Inc. - 15 days ago
Great Board, seems indestructible. I'm a beginner and wanted an all-rounder. This board has performed, especially for the price. Pros: Stable, took it on class II in Boulder Creek wh...
SUP Yoga catching on in Conn. - 20 days ago
The sport is Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, a balancing act that is catching on in Connecticut.

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