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Stand Up News & Features:    
California company offers SUP test drives - 15 hr ago
A company in Newport, CA offers advice and the opportunity to test drive many boards in a one hour session.
SUP Yoga with Kids - 2 days ago
One mother in the UK has taken Yoga to a new extreme by practicing her yoga poses out on the open water on a stand-up paddle board, with her three kids in tow.
Board Review: ACE-TEC 11'6 Original by BIC SUP - 3 days ago
I paddled on this board 3 times on flat water and slightly choppy water, it's a very stable board, moves a little slower than I like but good for cruising. Great all around board for...
Leashes & Lifejackets on SUP - When to Wear Which - 5 days ago
Watch this video to learn what type of leash and lifejacket to use when you SUP. Some of the rules and recommendations regarding these pieces of equipment may surprise you...
Santa Claus is SUPing to town! - 5 days ago
A man dressed as Santa Claus rides a wave with a stand up paddle on November 18, 2014, near Genoa, Italy. Bad weather created good surfing conditions in the Mediterranean.
AirSUP Added to Buyers' Guide - 6 days ago
Check out the boards made by AirSUP; they have 3 great inflatable boards now listed in the SUP Buyers Guide to research and examine.
SUP the Grand Canyon! - 8 days ago
This documentary video showcases the beautiful scenery and rapid action found stand up paddle boarding on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.
Board Review: Swell by Pipeline Paddle Boards - 10 days ago
I love my swell. I use it in my pool and the lake. I bought mine to use for yoga and toning. The swell is easy to store and it fits easily in my car. I would recommend this product....
New SUP product: VentureGlide SUP Seat - 11 days ago
Check out the video for this interesting SUP device that recently hit the market from VentureGlide.
Hollywood Stars Jump on SUP - 16 days ago
Among SUP's Hollywood aficionados are Owen Wilson, Pink, Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey, Pierce Brosnan and Charlize Theron.
Board Review: Blacktip 9.6 by WatersEdge SUP - 17 days ago
This board has great stability and turns very easy. Great for surf and flat water. Easy for everyone in our family to ride. Super light, so very easy to handle out of the water as we...
Canadian paddlers triumph in grueling conditions - 20 days ago
When morning dawned freezing, stormy and windy on Nov. 1 in Wilmington, NC, it was questionable as to whether the day's SUP activities would even take place...

    Win a SUP Recent Board Reviews:
1 stars (out of 5) Scout by Hovie SUP
5 stars (out of 5) Betty Board Ultralite by Lakeshore Paddleboard Company
5 stars (out of 5) Thunderbird 12' 6 by Tahoe SUP
5 stars (out of 5) 11'6" Journey SUP Board by SUP ATX
4 stars (out of 5) Glide 14'0" Carbon by Naish
5 stars (out of 5) Glide 12'6" AST by Naish
5 stars (out of 5) XTERRA by Xterra Boards
4 stars (out of 5) 12' Coastal Cruiser by YOLO Board

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