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Video: Sit Down Paddleboarding? - 6 hr ago
Does this video signal the invention of a whole new sport: sit-down paddleboarding? Probably not... just a fun time!
Technology important in SUP racing - 1 day ago
Unlike more recreational boards, racing boards come to a point like a canoe in the front and the deck, where a rider stands, is sunken in to get the centre of gravity closer to the w...
Top 10 Tips for SUP Safety Video - 3 days ago
The American Canoe Assoc. created this fun video aimed at empowering paddlers to take responsibility for their safety on the water!
SUP race became a war of attrition - 4 days ago
Read about the experience of a reporters first SUP race in the men's open division of the Ontario SUP Series' stop in Port Dover, ON.
Standup paddling is all the rage in WA - 5 days ago
Many standup paddlers are former kayakers and surfers who find the upright position more comfortable, more liberating and more fun. You can see a lot more under, above and around you...
Board Review: Joyride - 9'11" by Boardworks SUP - 6 days ago
Full length foam on top makes this SUP easy to stand on at all points... Great beginner board! I have this at my cottage and everyone from my grandmother to my 9 year old nephew take...
So You Think You Can SUP? - 11 days ago
Shelby Taylor gives her account of her first attempt at learning to stand-up paddleboard near Tacoma, WA.
Review: Malolo by Waveflo - 13 days ago
Awesome awesome board! Born and raised in Florida I love being in the water and this paddle board lets me have fun outdoors while letting me work out too. I have very young cousins w...
High waves halt SUP crossing of Lake Michigan - 13 days ago
After more than 17 hours of paddling covering more than half of the 80-mile route, Jesse Hieb decided to call it quits for safety reasons.
Woman fishing from SUP beats record field - 14 days ago
Kalley LeRoy was up against 731 other anglers who had descended on Louisiana's only inhabited barrier island
How to Paddle SUP Over Surf - 17 days ago
Watch this instructional video on how to successfully navigate your SUP over incoming ocean waves.
10 SUP Boards for Fishing - 19 days ago
Want to give fishing a try from a SUP? Compare price, length, width and more in this brief overview of 10 angler-friendly boards.
Review: ACE-TEC Classic 11'6" by BIC SUP - 20 days ago
I rode this board for a week in Grace Bay,Turks & Caicos. The board is very stable in small rolling ocean waves, A very nice cruiser and easily accommodates 2 people. I've been paddl...

    Recent Board Reviews:
2 stars (out of 5) Jetty 11' by Boardworks SUP
1 stars (out of 5) Ultra Lite Wahine Bamboo by Cruiser SUP
1 stars (out of 5) Koa by Cruiser SUP
1 stars (out of 5) Yoga Mat by Cruiser SUP
2 stars (out of 5) XTERRA by Xterra Boards
4 stars (out of 5) Bam Bam 10'8 by Michael Dolsey Designs
5 stars (out of 5) Freestyle XL by Lifetime Products
5 stars (out of 5) Joyride - 9'11" by Boardworks SUP

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