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24 September 2014
PADDLENEWS: The Weekly Newsletter of  
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by: Terry Webb
Photo of the Week
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 • Derek Jeter gets retirement kayak
 • Kids test themselves on 1,000-mile canoe trip
 • Alligator attack on canoers unprovoked

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The Kayak Wing

by Great Lakes Kayak
Staying Upright in a Kayak
Staying Upright Everyone misses a roll sooner or later, so it's important to have other capsize recovery techniques at your disposal. As shown in his Bracing Clinic DVD, Wayne Horodowich points out that the ability to roll a kayak is not the end all; if you develop a reliable brace and awareness of capsize environments, you may never need a roll. Read more about staying upright in a kayak using bracing techniques.

Broke Paddle How NOT to treat a paddle
Hope this guy had a backup paddle along... Watch Video of this paddlers unfortunate accident.

Why Bent Paddles are Best for Cruising
Bent Paddles Best for Cruising Cliff Jacobson resisted bent-shaft paddles long after they were in vogue. Read what changed his mind, and why he is now an evangelist for these special canoe paddles in his latest article. Cliff also explains some of the nuances between single and double bend and addresses canoe paddle length in general.

New Product Announcement
Thresher 140 & 155 kayaks by Wilderness Systems
WS Thresher kayaks
Introducing the next generation of performance big water sit-on-top kayaks. Built with both the aspiring and advanced angler in mind, the efficient hull satisfies the need to paddle long distances and is complemented by voluminous rails that provide stability for breaching waves. The rockered keel allows for a graceful surf back to shore. The sleek deck is optimized for maximum storage, capacity and accessibility, and features several advancements including the FlexPod OS removable console for consolidating fish finder electronics.

Two Weeks Left in the 4-Boat Sweepstakes!
The current sweepstakes ends October 9th! It features four great boats you can register to win: a Prospector 16 canoe from Nova Craft Canoe, an Edge 13 kayak from Riot Kayaks, a folding Gremlin kayak from Folbot, or a Classic V10L Club kayak from Epic. The boat prizes all come packaged with other useful items such as PFDs from Onyx, boat storage racks from Sparehand Paddlesports, paddles from Sawyer Paddles, kayak/canoe sails from WindPaddle Sails, and sunglasses from Silverfish. Congratulations to Douglas Rhoda of Dover-Foxcroft, ME who won a $20 gift certificate to the store just for entering this past week.

In The Same Boat: Paddling Indecision
Are you ever paralyzed by indecision when the chance for a short paddling holiday comes your way? Do you have trouble choosing between attractive alternatives on the spur of the moment? Then you need a plan. And Tamia has a few suggestions to get you started. But "What Does Buridan's Ass Have to Do With It?" Read In the Same Boat to find out.

Trips Directory Spotlight
Southern Exuma Cays Expedition (Bahamas)
by Spirit of the West
Outfitter Photo
Book your winter getaway! Kayak the Bahamas. Explore & paddle a warm water paradise among sandy cays.

Canoe Photo Product Review Spotlight
Prospector 16 canoe by Clipper Canoes
I absolutely love this canoe. It is maneuverable when it needs to be, but yet it tracks straight as well, especially loaded, like on my trip around the Bowron Lakes. I had a web seat put in the bow so I can paddle it solo facing the stern. Construction is bomb-proof. Beautiful workmanship... Rating 10 of 10 by Kathy
Read more reviews or get more info on the Prospector 16 canoe.

Rolling DVDsLearn to Roll DVDs!
Want some basic knowledge on how to roll your kayak? We have a plethora of DVDs on the subject! "This is the Roll" and the "USK Greenland Rolling" series of DVDs are just a few of the videos to focus on the subject. See all of the educational DVDs in the store!

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