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22 April 2015
PADDLENEWS: The Weekly Newsletter of  
SUP Yakgrips
Cascade Creek


by: Darlene Patterson
Photo of the Week
Enlarge Photo

 • Kayaker encounters Basking Shark
 • NZ kayaker smashes world record
 • Capsized kayak in icy lake washes 'miracle' ashore

 • Featured Product:
Orange Ladies Kayak Shirt
 • Photo Runner-up
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Paddling Gloves

by Black Lagoon Products LLC
Lincoln Evoke Paddlesports Added to Buyers' Guide
Evoke Paddlesports has 8 kayaks that are new on the market. The Navato, Vue, Conquer, and Navigator come in different sizes and will appeal to kayakers for all-around performance and kayak fishing enthusiasts. Now you can check out their line of kayaks and compare them with the many canoes and kayaks available to research in the Boat Buyers' Guide.

Kayak Fishing: Rod Holder Installation
Rod Holder Installation Kayak angler Jeff Little demonstrates how to install a rod holder on a kayak in this DIY video. He mentions the importance of the placement on a kayak, provides a list of the tools needed for an install, and emphasizes the difference between mounted rod holders and flush mounted holders. Watch this short video before you start drilling holes in your boat!

ENDS SOON: Buy 2 Shirts, Get 1 Free!
Ladies shirts, mens shirts, wicking shirts...
Schitt Creek, Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjo Music ...

Tips for Reducing Gear Failure
Double-Up Gear Tips Cliff Jacobson is a "belt and suspenders" kind of man... he doubles up to prevent failure. The same is true for him when he's preparing for a wilderness canoeing trip; he always goes on the assumption that if something can fail, it will. In his latest article, Cliff mentions a few tips to double up and help prevent gear failure when you're on a paddling trip.

New Product Announcement
Special Edition Advanced Frame Expedition kayak by Advanced Elements
Expedition kayak
Limited Edition model for 2015! This 13 foot hybrid inflatable kayak features our proven aluminum rib-frame technology in the bow and stern, providing paddling performance that rivals hard-shell kayaks. With plenty of on-board storage for extended trips, it features an adjustable foot-brace, high-back lumbar seat, paddle loops, a rear storage access hatch, and an aluminum front deck riser for enhanced watershed. It sets up in just a few minutes and is compact enough to take along on any adventure!

NEW Kayak/Canoe Sweepstakes!
Sweepstakes The latest sweepstakes has begun! Enter this time for a chance to win a NC 17 Quest LT kayak from NC Kayaks, a PAL 16 canoe from Nova Craft Canoe, or a Navato 120 kayak from Evoke Paddlesports in the latest Sweepstakes. The boat prizes come packaged with a few other valuable items like: PFDs from Stohlquist, portable coolers from IceMule, storage rack or boat cart from Suspenz, and camping meals from Cache Lake Camping Foods.

In The Same Boat: Making Ramen Even Better!
Tamia's recent column on using instant ramen in camp gave short shrift to this ubiquitous staple's nutritional deficiencies, and readers were quick to point that out. So this time around, it's "Ramen Redux," and Tamia's done what she could to redress the balance, suggesting ways to reduce the amount of salt and saturated fat while still keeping cost low and prep time short. If ramen is on your camp menu anytime soon, you'll want to check out this week's In the Same Boat.

Trips Directory Spotlight
Self-Guided kayaking in Finland
by Natura Viva
Outfitter Photo
Finland is a great destination for kayaking. The thousands of lakes and beautiful sea are the perfect setting for a kayak trip for all skill levels.

Kayak Photo Product Review Spotlight
V6 kayak by Epic Kayaks, Inc.
I was looking to experience a performance SOT, and something I wouldn't struggle to cartop. I never paddled a surf ski before and was a little hesitant when I first sat on the V6, but the secondary stability thing was realized in a few minutes... She was fast and tracked as straight as an arrow, the skeg type rudder with its top of the foot peddle adjustment was ingenious. She was effortless to paddle even straight into a 15 knot breeze and chop. Rating 9 of 10 by Ron
Read more reviews or get more info on the V6 kayak.

Carp Attack! Crew Team Attacked by Flying Carp
Watch as the freshman men's crew team from Washington University in St. Louis (MO) get attacked by giant Asian Carp during an early morning practice at Creve Coeur Lake.
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