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22 October 2014
PADDLENEWS: The Weekly Newsletter of  
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by: J Bray
Photo of the Week
Enlarge Photo

 • Man sentenced to almost 2 years for trying to sell stolen kayak
 • Massive pumpkin paddled to world record
 • Paddling through fall's palette

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Hand Paddles

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Turning Your Kayak Quickly
Kayak Turning With touring-type kayaks, including most rec and sea kayaks, they will turn most effectively when edged to the outside of the turn, using a short, efficient sweep stroke to initiate the turn. Mike Aronoff looks at edging and the kayak sweep stroke in this short tutorial video that will assist in turning your kayak quickly.

Backcountry Canoe Rule Debate
Canoe Rules Debate A 1995 rule to limit human impact on wilderness paddling areas (primarily in the BWCAW & some Provincial Parks) seems to make sense, but it has caused some problems. Cliff Jacobson looks at the "maximum group size" rule in his latest article by making some observations and voicing his calculated call for a slight change to this current restriction.

The New Sweepstakes!
Make sure to enter the new sweepstakes from which features three great boats! The boats you can register daily to win are: a NEXT canoe (paddle included) from Old Town Canoe, a Cruiser 12 Angler from Jackson Kayak, and a Sound 120xe kayak from Elie. The boats also come with locking cables from Lasso Security Cables, First Aid Lockers from Witz Sport Cases, Gear from Salamander Paddle Gear, and Hoister Storage Systems from Harken.

In The Same Boat: Honey!
Who doesn't want to live the sweet life? And when it comes to sweetening food, Tamia often turns to honey, a ready fuel and a hardy traveler that can be used to make almost any good meal better. You'll find it on store shelves in almost every crossroads hamlet, too. So if you thought honey was only for bears of little brain, you'll want check out the latest at In the Same Boat: "Honey: La dolce Vita in the Backcountry."

Trips Directory Spotlight
Sea Kayak Everglades 3-5 Day Tour
by Everglades Area Tours
Outfitter Photo
Paddle the warm winter waters of America's Everglades! Dolphins, manatees, alligators, herons, egrets, ospreys, eagles, spoonbills, pelicans and sea turtles.

Canoe Photo Product Review Spotlight
Osprey 140 canoe by Old Town Canoe
I have used osprey canoe for about six months on lake and rivers. Light enough for me to handle alone but still have three on board for fishing... Osprey held up nicely to rough water, rapids & rocks for a great long canoe trip... Great all around canoe for me to use for many years... Rating 10 of 10 by nh
Read more reviews or get more info on the Osprey 140 canoe.

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