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25 February 2015
PADDLENEWS: The Weekly Newsletter of  
NRS Yak Cart


by: Craig
Photo of the Week
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 • Paddling Blind
 • Kayaker Overcomes Traumatic Injury
 • Revised Bill pushes for Paddling in Grand Teton, Yellowstone

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Black iKayak t-shirt
 • Photo Runner-up
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Kayak Motor Kit

by Bass Yaks
Last Chance for Perks with 2015 Calendar!
2015 Perks calendar Join Paddling Perks today and you'll get a great t-shirt (16 to choose from) and the awesome 2015 calendar, but make sure to sign up soon because the beautiful calendars are almost gone! The cost is only $25 for the shirt and calendar, plus you'll get an instant $10 gift certificate to the store and enjoy a 10% discount on every purchase you make there.

Paddling Gloves
Gloves For most paddlers a good pair of paddling gloves is a standard piece of gear/wardrobe. Tom Watson reviews some general options for protecting hands while out canoeing or kayaking in this article. From simple neoprene gloves to poggies and specialized scuba gloves, see some of the options paddlers use for comfort and protection.

7 Tripping Canoes
7 Trip Canoes Are you researching information on tripping (expedition) canoes? The buyers' guide is a great place to learn about what's available to make long canoe trips. To get you started we've highlighted and compared seven canoes to give you some idea of the differences. You'll find plenty more in the buyers' guide and tools to sort canoes by size, price and more...

New Product Announcement
Woodlands Modular Storage System by Talic
Talic Woodlands Modular Storage System
The Talic Woodlands is the first ever all wood modular storage system. The system focuses on boats, boards, and other sports, yet is capable of much more. This beautifully designed and precisely fabricated system makes it easy to arrange your toys any way you want and have it look great too! For winter, have the skis down low and the boats up high. Come summer, swap everything around, because you now have the freedom to rearrange your gear on a whim. They look so good you’ll want them in every room of the house.

3-Boat Sweepstakes!
Enter today to win one of three great boats in the sweepstakes. The boats are: a Borneo SOT kayak from BIC Sport, a GPX kayak or a V10 surfski from Epic Kayaks, or a SpitFire canoe from Placid Boatworks. These boats also come packaged with PFDs from MTI Adventurewear, gear bags from SealLine, boat racks from Talic, mosquito screens from Skeeter Beater, and other boat accessories from Danuu Paddle Sport. Congratulations to Sam Sabin from Falls Church, VA who won a 2015 Perks membership just for entering the contest this past week!

In The Same Boat: Some Map-Measuring Tools
How far have we come? How much farther is it to camp? Can we do the trip in a week? These questions are often on paddlers' lips. And the answers can always be found on a map. But the map won't tell you anything till you've taken its measure. That's enough to send anyone "Round the Bend." This week, though, Tamia puts four ways of getting a map to talk to a head-to-head trial. Want to know which one came out on top? Then join her at In the Same Boat. And don't forget your string.

Trips Directory Spotlight
Sea Kayak Everglades 3-5 Day Tour (FL)
by Everglades Area Tours
Outfitter Photo
Paddle the warm winter waters of America's Everglades! Dolphins, manatees, alligators, herons, egrets, ospreys, eagles, spoonbills, pelicans and sea turtles.

Canoe Photo Product Review Spotlight
Discovery 169 canoe by Old Town Canoe
Of all the canoes I've had this one beats them all! I use this boat all year long.. in the summer I go under numerous multi day float trips... in the winter time I use it to run my trap line and duck hunt and I have it loaded way down with gear and this canoe can handle it all... I know I've had over 800 lbs and it's still just as stable and buoyant as it is unloaded... Rating 10 of 10 by Josh Wilson
Read more reviews or get more info on the Discovery 169 canoe.

Dog Rescued by Kayak Kayaker Rescues dog from Icy Pond
Watch the dramatic rescue of a dog that had fallen into an icy pond in Louisville, Kentucky.
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