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21 January 2014
PADDLENEWS: The Weekly Newsletter of  
Southern Sea Ventures
Southern Sea Ventures


by: Steve S.
Photo of the Week
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 • Kayaking Firefighter Saves Wounded Snow Goose
 • Non-Profit Kayaking Group's Dock Stolen
 • Kayaker hammers Grand Canyon rapids for speed record

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Kayak Sail Rigs

by Balogh Sail Designs
Choosing the Right Life Jacket
PFDs The PFD, or life jacket is your single most important piece of safety equipment. You need to choose one that fits well and you should wear it whenever you're on the water. This short video demonstrates the simple "fit test" for a PFD and explains why a paddling specific life jacket is preferred to other market options. 2015 Calendars Almost Gone!
2015 Calendar If you haven't gotten your 2015 calendar yet, don't waste any more time! The 2015 Perks program has diminished our stock, so sign up today to get your calendar, exclusive t-shirt, and many other great benefits for only $25! Also, choose premium perks and get an extra bonus gift and a $10 gift certificate to the store!
Join Paddling Perks

Patience Pays!
Patience! Cliff Jacobson is not normally a patient man, but when it comes to expedition canoeing he has come to recognize the benefits of being patient. In this article, he retells a few of his canoeing stories where it did pay for him to be patient: bad weather paddling, a showdown with a grizzly bear, and a search for a hidden portage trail.

New Product Announcement
Adventurer Inflatable SUP Board by NRS
Adventurer Inflatable SUP
For the paddler looking to go farther and do more, the 12'6" Adventurer is designed for adventure touring and overnight adventures. Our proprietary Axis Technology™, an acrylic stiffening agent, improves rigidness and performance without adding weight or interfering with folding the board for storage. The 6" thickness gives you the volume you need to pack along extra gear. Six stainless steel D-rings and bungee lacing provide lots of tiedown options. 5" and 9" interchangeable fins let you customize for the tracking and turning you need. Includes a top-quality high-pressure pump, pressure gauge and a handy backpack for transportation.

New Sweepstakes!
Enter to win one of three great boats in the latest sweepstakes. A GPX kayak or a V10 surfski from Epic Kayaks, a SpitFire canoe from Placid Boatworks, and a Borneo SOT kayak from BIC Sport. These boats also come packaged with boat racks from Talic, gear bags from SealLine, mosquito screens from Skeeter Beater, boat accessories from Danuu Paddle Sport, and PFDs from MTI Adventurewear. Congratulations to Gene Chorostecki from Santa Fe, NM who won a $20 gift certificate to the store just for entering the contest this past week!

In The Same Boat: Mush Meal?
Grits or polenta? It's your call. They're mush of a muchness. Both are easy to prepare and infinitely adaptable — ideal camp fare, in other words. In fact, there's no better way to a-maize your friends on your next outing than by whipping up a meal of corn. Are you ready to give it a try? Then check out Tamia's latest for In the Same Boat: M*U*S*H — The Sequel. You won't want to miss it.

Trips Directory Spotlight
Safari & Zanzibar Kayak Adventure (Africa)
by Infinite Safari Adventures
Outfitter Photo
This is truly a unique way to safari AND kayak in Africa!

Kayak Photo Product Review Spotlight
Edge 14.5 kayak by Riot Kayaks
I brought the Riot Edge 14.5 as a intro kayak until I figure out exactly what type of paddling I want to do. It's making the decision hard as I can do just about anything in it. Easy paddle on calm water, choppy ocean stuff and even some surf play. This is a good kayak that's priced well... Rating 8 of 10 by D.C
Read more reviews or get more info on the Edge 14.5 kayak.

Classified Ads Short Trip Off Tall Pier - YIKES!
Yes, some paddlers will do anything to get their boat on the water. Watch this video taken on the Thames River in London which serves as a good demonstration why it may not be the best idea to attempt a seal launch of a touring kayak from a high dock.

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