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29 October 2014
PADDLENEWS: The Weekly Newsletter of  
Point 65
Point 65


by: Daniel C.
Photo of the Week
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 • Kayak crabber a virtual celebrity
 • Not-so-smart Canoe Thief Rescued
 • Cross-Canada solo canoer encounters hurricane effects

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Kayak SailRig

by WindPaddle Sails
Whirlpool Swallows Kayak!
Kayak Whirlpool Watch this slow-motion video of a kayaker getting completely sucked into a massive whirlpool on the Ottawa River. This incident happened at Butcher's Knife rapid with water level at 13' on the gauge. No one was injured, but it clearly demonstrates the power of the river.

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Transporting Your Kayak
Kayak Transport Anna Levesque looks at rack system options for transporting your kayak on top of your vehicle. She also demonstrates the correct form for lifting, and technique for loading/tying down your craft. Watch this video to get a broad overview of how to get your kayak tightly on to your car-top and ready for transport.

Reflections of a River Runner
Canoe River Running River running is totally different from canoeing a chain of lakes. The river takes you on a journey, gently floating you on its back one minute and then thrashing like an unbridled horse the next. Kevin Callan explains some other differences and looks specifically at the importance of scouting rapids in this article.

New Product Announcement
Roam Series Kayak by Dagger
Roam kayak by Dagger
The Roam Series expands Dagger's crossover multi-water category in sit-on-top fashion and is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who need performance and versatility for an adventurous lifestyle, with features equipped for whatever the moment throws at them. Whether you're a seasoned paddler out for a quick run on your local river, or you're a beginner who wants to reach the best climbing, hiking, or fishing in the area by water, the Roam Series provides quick and easy access to gear and more versatility than any series before. 3-Boat Sweepstakes!
Enter the new sweepstakes from which features three great boats! The boats you can register daily to win are: a Cruiser 12 Angler from Jackson Kayak, a NEXT canoe (paddle included) from Old Town Canoe, and a Sound 120xe kayak from Elie. The boats also come with locking cables from Lasso Security Cables, First Aid Lockers from Witz Sport Cases, Gear from Salamander Paddle Gear, and Hoister Storage Systems from Harken. Congratulations to Gary Walsh of Elgin, IL who won a 2015 Perks Membership just for entering this past week.

In The Same Boat: Tent/Tarp Colors Debate
The color of your tent and tarp can make a difference when you want to be seen — or when you want to escape notice. But you wouldn't buy a house based solely on the color of the siding, would you? And a tent is your home from home in the backcountry. So a broader view is needed. Yes, color matters. That was the premise of Tamia's earlier column on the subject. "But Does It Matter All That Much?" You'll find several readers' answers to that question in this week's In the Same Boat.

Trips Directory Spotlight
Glover's Reef & River of Caves
by Island Expeditions
Outfitter Photo
Based from our comfortable field camp we are fully equipped to spend six days sea kayaking and kayak sailing, snorkeling, diving, fishing and windsurfing.

Kayak Photo Product Review Spotlight
Tetra 12 Angler kayak by Ocean Kayak
This is my first kayak - I've had it just over a month and am overall delighted with it... It can hold a ton of gear which is a good thing when undecided as to whether to fish, free dive, or just paddle... The rodpod is great- easy stowage of rods & assorted tackle for surf entry/exits. Both hatches seal very well; the boat stays dry inside apart from condensation... Rating 9 of 10 by Jon_Savage
Read more reviews or get more info on the Tetra 12 Angler kayak.

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