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Retracing an Epic Journey - 1 day ago
In May 2011, 47-year-old Sandy Robson set out to become the first female sea kayaker, to paddle from Germany to Australia. "I'm expecting to reach Australia in 2016 and I'm hoping to writ...
Snow Canoeing! - 2 days ago
Winter weather doesn't have to stop the canoe fun... it's just frozen water after all. The dog can actually give chase now!
Feature Trip: San Juan Islands Kayak Inn Tours (WA) - 2 days ago
Kayak the beautiful, rugged San Juan Islands during the day and retreat to luxurious local Inns and fine dining at night. These tours are first class in every way!
How to Turn Your Kayak - 2 days ago
Gordon Brown examines the forward sweep and reverse sweep strokes from stationary positions and also demonstrates these turning strokes in rough seas.
Product Review: Tsunami 145 kayak by Wilderness Systems - 2 days ago
I had my first paddle in the Tsunami 145 today. This is my 6th kayak and I was very happy with the way it performed. I tried it out on the lake I live on and didn't have to use the rudder...
Kayak Fisherman Lands Record-Breaking Shark - 3 days ago
A dedicated fisherman in Norway has landed a rare, 15-foot-long Greenland shark, setting a new world record for a fish caught with a rod and reel from a kayak
Costly Canoeing Mistakes - 3 days ago
Cliff Jacobson tells of some costly expedition canoeing mistakes that he has made and has seen being made. Learn from him so you won't make them either.
Trip Report: Tygarts Creek (KY) - 3 days ago
The rock overhangs were an awesome sight. Some were almost cavelike in their depth and overhang. We spotted carp, kingfishers, blue herons, wood ducks, mallards, otter, coyote and even a ...
Kayak Lights - 4 days ago
According to U.S. Coast Guard rules, a vessel "under oars" (a somewhat archaic term which nonetheless applies to modern kayaks) must have an acceptable light between sunset and sunrise an...
WRONG kayak carry in NZ - 4 days ago
Police in New Zealand have expressed their disbelief, after pulling over a motorist with a kayak strapped to his car sideways.
Store Feature: Take Me To The Water KAYAK T-shirt - 5 days ago
This blue t-shirt features a kayak among trees and lily pads and of course the text: Take Me to the Water! Available in short or longsleeve versions.
Ramen Noodles - 5 days ago
Ramen has been a last resort meal for generations of students and not a few kitchen shy singles. But it's also the hard pressed camp cook's friend. Read more about it!
Paddling around Florida (literally) by kayak - 5 days ago
Mary Mangiapia, 28, of Tampa, recently became the first woman to thru paddle the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail.
Towing - Sea Kayak Rescue Techniques - 5 days ago
This short video covers the options of using a tow line for an in-line tow and contact towing, plus the technique to tow a swimmer.
Gear Spotlight: Adventure Sailrigs by WindPaddle - 6 days ago
These proven sail designs for kayaks and canoes are ultra-lightweight, self-supporting, self-launching and do not require any assembly for use.
UK adventurer hopes to build the fastest canoe in the world - 7 days ago
Friar West, 66, is hoping to make his record attempt in the spring of 2015 and it will be somewhere in Torbay, as it has calm waters needed for the record attempt.
Kayaking in Flooded Wine Country - 8 days ago
When natural disasters strike in California, the inner adventurer somehow seems to always kick in and people took to the flooded streets in kayaks.
The Hitchhiker Seal - 9 days ago
A seal hitches a ride on a kayak during a circumnavigation of Great Britain.
Feature Trip: Belize - Ultimate Adventure - 9 days ago
Sea kayak, snorkel, hike through a rainforest, explore Mayan ruins, and descend a tropical river through canyons of lush rainforest on this adventure to Belize.
Best Beginner Kayak Roll Debate - 9 days ago
In this short introduction video clip, Ken Whiting talks pros and cons of the two standard beginner kayak rolls: the Sweep and the C-to-C
Product Review: Encounter canoe by Wenonah Canoe - 9 days ago
This canoe excels at what it was designed for... heavy loads, long days... day after day in all types of weather with a large paddler.
FREE Shipping on Orders over $35 - 10 days ago
Enjoy FREE SHIPPING for a limited time on orders (in the USA) over $35 from the Store. Jewelry, DVD's, T-shirts, Gear and More!
Holiday Meals for Paddlers - 10 days ago
Want to escape in your canoe or kayak this holiday season without missing the festive foods? Food columnist Anne L. Desjardins offers up some recipes to achieve that goal.
Kanulock Added to Accessories Guide - 10 days ago
Kanulock tie-down straps feature the worlds only patented locking cam buckle. Check them out in the Buyers' Guide.
Tasman kayak crossing - Rescue after 12 hours - 11 days ago
A solo kayaker has been rescued off the Australian coast less than a day after he set off to cross the Tasman Sea.
Trip Report: Green River / Expedition Island (WY) - 11 days ago
You drive onto the island from the east and can continue on a footbridge to the west bank. The channel east of the island is a kayak course but was flooded out by high water during my visit
Store Feature: Kayaking T-shirt - 12 days ago
This classy short-sleeve tee pictures a kayak and kayak paddle along with the text "Kayaking". Also available in long sleeve.
Making a Damp Wood Campfire - 12 days ago
Fall camping is unpredictable. What do you do when every scrap of wood you find is damp? Tamia writes about the art of fire-building with wet wood in this article.
Cold Water Paddling and Harbor Seals - 12 days ago
There is a long list of safety precautions that need to be taken when the air and water turn cold and please note that mistakes made out on the water can be unforgiving.
From the Archives: How to Launch & Land a Canoe Smoothly - 12 days ago
This short video describes how to get in and out of a canoe - from a shoreline and a dock, solo or with a tandem partner.
Gear Spotlight: Yaksling by Danuu - 13 days ago
A wide, comfortable shoulder pad eases strain during portage and saves your energy for paddling. Works great with SUP boards, too!
RIP: Martin Litton - passionate wilderness conservationist - 13 days ago
Martin Litton, 97, a legendary Colorado River guide and fierce wilderness advocate involved in some of the 20th century's biggest conservation battles passed away.

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