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Kayaker reflects on circumnavigating Australia - 9 hr ago
Jason Beachcroft circumnavigated Australia this year, including two crossings of Bass Strait to include Tasmania. He reflects on the ups and downs of his solo kayaking journey...
Amphibious Jet-Powered Kayak vs. Olympic Kayaker - 17 hr ago
Crazy video of a jet-powered amphibious kayak getting tested down a runway then racing against an Olympic rower on the water.
Feature Trip: Belize - Glovers Reef - 19 hr ago
Based from a comfortable field camp we are fully equipped to spend six days sea kayaking and kayak sailing, snorkeling, diving, fishing and windsurfing.
Transporting Your Kayak - 1 day ago
Anna Levesque looks at rack system options for transporting your kayak on top of your vehicle. She also demonstrates the correct form for lifting, and technique for loading/tying down you...
Product Review: 17' Standard canoe by Osagian Canoe - 2 days ago
I bought a 17' standard used as a back up boat for when friends want to come along on the lakes in our area. It is insanely stable and tracks well but with the great tracking comes very w...
Kayak trip ends badly - 2 days ago
Not a happy picture for the owner of this vehicle, who learned a costly lesson about driving on soft tidal sand to retrieve a kayak...
Reflections of a River Runner - 2 days ago
Kevin Callan explains some differences between canoeing a river and canoeing a chain of lakes. He also looks at the importance of scouting rapids in this article.
New Product: Roam Series Kayak by Dagger - 3 days ago
The Roam Series kayaks are designed for outdoor enthusiasts who need performance and versatility for an adventurous lifestyle, with features equipped for whatever the moment throws at them.
News anchor kayaks Mahoning River (OH) - 3 days ago
Youngstown, OH: News anchor Stan Boney was part of the first TV News crew to ever kayak down a stretch of the Mahoning River, which was once considered among the most polluted streams in ...
Kayak crabber a virtual celebrity - 3 days ago
Trotlining is a well-known crabbing method but executing it with a kayak is not; a fact that gets Langston Majette a lot of notice for his hobby.
Store Feature: Schitt Creek Distressed Hat - 4 days ago
We've turned one of our best selling t-shirts into an embroidered hat! With its enzyme washed finish and soft feel, this tattered cap already looks like a well-loved favorite.
Tent Color Debate - 4 days ago
Yes, color matters. That was the premise of Tamia's earlier column on the subject. But does it matter all that much? You'll find several readers' answers to that question in this article.
Not-so-smart Canoe Thief Rescued in Seattle - 4 days ago
Seattle police say a man stole a canoe but couldn't find a paddle and decided a shovel would suffice. However, he got caught in gusting wind and had to call 911 for rescue.
From the Archives: Quick Fix Repairs for Rotomolded Kayaks - 5 days ago
Short of actually plastic welding, there are a few quick fixes that will keep a rotomolded hull from getting too rough, or for bringing a deformed hull back into "round". Tom Watson share...
Gear Spotlight: Waterparka by Surf-fur - 5 days ago
With the Waterparka you can become warmer, change under, keep things dry. All this in a material that won't bog down with water yet is durable and smart.
Late season excitement on the St. Croix (WI) - 6 days ago
Danbury, WI: It started out as the final paddle of the season on the St. Croix River for Matt Kelly and Matt Hutchinson. It turned out to be more than they bargained for.
Kayaks wait for home run balls in McCovey Cove - 7 days ago
It's a tradition during games and even during practice to have kayakers that paddle out to McCovey Cove by AT&T Park in San Francisco.
Cross-Canada solo canoer encounters hurricane effects - 7 days ago
Mike Ranta started portaging Wednesday morning in Pointe-Sauvage, and covered about 100 km before he felt conditions were good enough to get back in the water.
VIDEO: Chasing Waterfalls - 8 days ago
Watch as passionate kayakers rappel (in their boat) down a tiny crevasse just to ride a waterfall they discovered in a hidden gorge.
Feature Trip: Sea Kayak Everglades 3-5 Day Tour (FL) - 8 days ago
Paddle the warm winter waters of America's Everglades! Dolphins, manatees, alligators, herons, egrets, ospreys, eagles, spoonbills, pelicans and sea turtles.
Turning Your Kayak Quickly - 8 days ago
Mike Aronoff looks at edging and the kayak sweep stroke in this short tutorial video that will assist in turning your kayak quickly.
Product Review: Greenland II kayak by Folbot - 9 days ago
The Greenland II is very stable in rough water, it tracks well and moves along easily at moderate speed. The Greenland II turns more like a canoe than a kayak and is best used in open water.
Trip Report: Little River (VA) - 9 days ago
I usually begin at the Little River Dam and paddle upstream about 5 miles towards Snowville. Very quiet water for 4.5 miles, then you encounter a class 1 Rapids.
Backcountry Canoe Rule Debate - 9 days ago
Cliff Jacobson looks at the 'maximum group size' rule in the BWCA by making some observations and voicing his calculated call for a slight change to this current restriction.
Paddling Perks 2015! Calendar, T-Shirt and More Just $25! - 10 days ago
The 2015 Paddling Perks program is now available! Check out the 2015 calendar, the new t-shirts and the SAVINGS you will enjoy once you sign up. All for just $25
Paddling through fall's palette - 10 days ago
I recently paddled a 5-mile reach, up and back, where I enjoyed a quiet afternoon among a forest preparing for winter and surrounded by incredibly awesome fall color.
Massive pumpkin paddled to world record - 10 days ago
Charles Clark broke a world record by paddling 100 meters in a pumpkin weighing 440 pounds.
Store Feature: Black Canoehead Fleece - 11 days ago
This mid-weight fleece features the popular red & white "Canoehead" embroidered design that really pops off the black background.
Honey in the Backcountry - 11 days ago
When it comes to sweetening food, Tamia often turns to honey, a ready fuel and a hardy traveler that can be used to make almost any good meal a little bit better.
Whirlpool Swallows Kayak! - 11 days ago
Watch this slow-motion video of a kayaker getting completely sucked into a massive whirlpool on the Ottawa River.
From the Archives: Value of Guided Kayaking Trips - 12 days ago
Wayne Horodowich relates a personal experience which changed his opinion on the value of paying the extra money to take a guided kayaking tour
Gear Spotlight: Kayak Kaboose trailer by Kayak-Kayak - 12 days ago
The Kayak Kaboose is the complete paddlesports transport solution made of welded, galvanized, heavy gauge steel frame for durability and longevity.
Tips to Hunt and Haul Bucks by Canoe - 13 days ago
Here's an article from 'Field & Stream' to tell you what you need to know to pull off a successful wilderness float hunt.
Kind kayak donation keeps teacher paddling - 14 days ago
Kim Craig was diagnosed with a secondary melanoma, leaving her without the strength needed for her weekly kayak trip. With a kind donation of a tandem kayak the tradition continues.

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