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  Cooking Beans
  Posted by: old_user on Apr-19-11 5:57 PM (EST)

Many wilderness travelers have relied on beans for a basic food.

Question: What is the best way to cook dry beans when traveling time is limited?

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  Posted by: tjalmy on Apr-19-11 7:25 PM (EST)
Soaked and cooked, then de-hydrated and packed. I can't think of anyway to speed up cooking dried beans, but maybe someone else has.
  buy canned
  Posted by: ice9 on Apr-19-11 9:40 PM (EST)
  Posted by: paddletothesea on Apr-20-11 1:37 PM (EST)
cook em before you leave and dehydrate them. OR soak all day in a tupperware thingy while paddling and use a pressure cooker small one you can buy and cook in that.
better dehydrated already beans at a co-op or health food store where they sell bulk dried you time, fuel cost, bringing pressure cooker, use of dehydrater, space, weight and still have the same nutrition value.
  Posted by: old_user on Apr-20-11 6:28 PM (EST)
throw them in a thermos full of hot water before you leave camp in the AM. By evening, you will have lukewarm, but edible beans.
  Whatever method you choose,
  Posted by: tjalmy on Apr-20-11 9:08 PM (EST)
try it at home with your camping equipment first.
See if you're happy with the results before you take off on that adventure. Best of luck,
  Posted by: old_user on Apr-21-11 8:53 AM (EST)
I'll experiment!
  Second the Thermos...
  Posted by: old_user on Apr-21-11 11:40 AM (EST)
...or..paint a nalgene bottle black... fill it with water and beans and stick the nalgene on the exposed deck in direct sunlight....(allow for the beans to expand)
  My $.02...
  Posted by: CoffeeII on Apr-21-11 9:21 AM (EST)
Forget the beans all together & buy a box of minute rice. Boil H2O, remove from stove, add rice, let stand 5 minutes, add condiments if necessary, eat...

If you have atleast 15 mins for a meal break, mix up some bannock at home. In 10 mins, you can cook the rice & bannock and eat or eat on the move after it is made?

Rice = 3 mins boil time, 5 mins saturate
Bannock (pre-mixed) = Add "A LITTLE" H2O, 5 mins per side

In 10 minutes, you can have your meal prepared & be eating. They are both light weight, easy, filling & VERY little clean-up.

But, if you insist on beans & not worried about weight, buy canned & eat them either warm or cold. If they are canned (like Bush's), they are already cooked & can be eaten cold.

Paddle easy,

  canned beans can be dehydrated
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-21-11 5:15 PM (EST)
chop em up a little first. Some parks ban cans. Sometimes you just don't want to portage cans.
  Well, you could always just...
  Posted by: CoffeeII on Apr-21-11 6:39 PM (EST)
Open the can, pour into "freezer grade" zip-lock bags, boil water & drop the bag in the boiling water, let cook till warm/hot (preference), eat???

Paddle easy,

  Pressure cookers,
  Posted by: tjalmy on Apr-21-11 9:56 PM (EST)
good idea. The darn things scare me, though. Had one blow up when I was young and dumb(er), and haven't used one since.
I'm going to play with the Thermos idea this weekend. I'm skeptical, but willing.
  What's The Problem?
  Posted by: SupremelyArrogant on Apr-23-11 11:20 AM (EST)
Did your fart sack loose its oder?

Quit watching old cowboy movies and eat rice.
  Posted by: old_user on Apr-23-11 1:37 PM (EST)
Beans aren't gassy if you eat no sugar with them.
  re: cooking beans
  Posted by: Umnak on Apr-24-11 1:12 AM (EST)
I discovered a source for dehydrated white beans at Packit Gourmet. I think they come in 1 lb bags and cost a 1/4 of dehydrated beef or chicken. They take about 15 minutes to cook and pack a great amount of protein and carbs. I use them to make soups and to use as a base for a mushroom, onion, salami white bean dinner. They are great. Don't take the dark road to instant rice, which is pretty much a worthless food.
  What about...
  Posted by: CoffeeII on Apr-25-11 12:47 PM (EST)
Instant potatoes? Quick, light, easy, filling!! Cut up some hot dogs & add cheese... YUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

literally, a "meal in minutes"!

Paddle easy,

  instant black & re-fried beans
  Posted by: stickman on May-11-11 10:36 PM (EST)
Most any health food store worth it's salt should have a bulk section where you can stock up on instant dried black or re-fried beans. Simply boil some H2o, mix and wait 10 min. I've been using them on trips and at home for years. Packs small too.
  No more?
  Posted by: mr_canoehead on May-26-11 7:19 PM (EST)
We had those, but they seem to no longer be available in my city, which is in Canada.

My solution was to use a blender to make bean flour, which cooks really fast and is suitable for dips, tacos, burritos and the like. It needs a bit of seasoning, and isn't instant, but quick. I hear a coffee grinder makes a more consistent product, but I just used my blender and accepted a bit of chunkieness.
  pressure cooker
  Posted by: hal11 on May-31-11 5:35 PM (EST)
small amount of water add dried beans and cook for 8 - 12 minutes depending on bean type. Add some spices, dried sausage, rice and voila. My favorite for camping is:


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