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  Jocassee Rendezvous and Race(s)
  Posted by: string on Feb-07-14 6:12 PM (EST)

-- Last Updated: Mar-09-14 5:09 PM EST --

May 16-18 at Devil's Fork SP in northwestern,SC.
Devil's Fork has a very nice campground and there are villas available also.You are responsible for your own reservations.We usually have a pot luck dinner on Saturday night.
We have not had this rendezvous for a few years but there are few lakes more beautiful than Jocassee.
Regarding the races, we are still in the development stages but there will be one approx. 20 mile race and one 5 miler.These will take place on Saturday.I spoke to the Park Manager yesterday and he is very supportive.
I will be contacting meet-up groups in Atlanta,Charlotte, and this area.Anyone is welcome and I'll get started on a registration form for the races.

I have never put a race together but I have some great help and am hoping for more.
P.S. This rendezvous is not just for racers.Jocassee is a great lake just to cruise and enjoy.

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  Sounds like fun!
  Posted by: Redcrossrandy on Feb-08-14 3:19 PM (EST)
Count on us to help out as long as we can count on a Pot luck supper Saturday night!
  We have had rendezvous before
  Posted by: string on Feb-08-14 7:31 PM (EST)
when it was just us and had a great time.Except for a small foot issue.
  Sounds good to me.
  Posted by: CapeFear on Feb-09-14 9:21 PM (EST)
I haven't been to Jocassee yet.
  Make your reservations soon if you
  Posted by: string on Feb-10-14 4:25 PM (EST)
want to stay at the park. High demand time of year apparently.
  Posted by: capefear on Feb-11-14 7:26 AM (EST)
I've reserved a tent site.
  sounds like a good chance to meet
  Posted by: castoff on Feb-10-14 8:41 PM (EST)
Some of the pnetters I enjoy reading on here. I will have to make plans for this.
  I have also reserved a site.
  Posted by: castoff on Feb-11-14 11:11 AM (EST)
  We'd be joining in,
  Posted by: tjalmy on Feb-11-14 8:50 PM (EST)
but I received an invite from my niece to surprise her dad for his 70th birthday for that weekend. So, we'll be sneaking up to MA instead. But we will paddle lake Whitehall. That's a beauty too!
  Time is fleeting
  Posted by: jackl on Mar-02-14 6:00 AM (EST)
Any more info on your race ?

Jack L
  No more info yet Jack.
  Posted by: string on Mar-02-14 5:26 PM (EST)
I think the cold weather has everyone in hibernation. Spring is about to pop. Maybe that will help.
  Lumber Race is also on the 17th
  Posted by: RedCrossRandy on Mar-11-14 3:20 PM (EST)
Mickey Turlington is hosting a race on the upper Lumber near Wagram, NC on the 17th, but that shouldn't siphon off too many racers from Jocassee.
  I just talked to the guy with SC Parks
  Posted by: string on Mar-25-14 3:46 PM (EST)
who is going to help with the race.He and I will shortly be meeting at Jocassee to lay out the course.He is also going to help get the word out.I have also received the insurance info.
The local meet-up group is going to put the announcement on-line.
  We're on RV site 004
  Posted by: Redcrossrandy on Apr-02-14 11:44 AM (EST)
Several more couples are coming and have reserved sites...
  The ranger and I paddled the 5 mile
  Posted by: string on Apr-16-14 10:41 PM (EST)
race course today.The announcement is in every paddling meet-up in the state. It will be interesting to see who shows up.
  What happened to the 10 miler ?
  Posted by: jackl on Apr-17-14 6:44 AM (EST)
jack L
  If we have people show up that want
  Posted by: string on Apr-17-14 10:45 PM (EST)
10 miles, 5 x 2 . Sorry, but that is the best solution for this initial race. Future races will have many more features but the race committee of one is starting simple.
The State Park guy plans to make this an annual event.
  I am coming. Are categories defined?
  Posted by: yatipope on Apr-20-14 11:44 AM (EST)
OK I am finally going to make it to an event and get to meet some of you regulars. Not sure if I want to solo my Wenonah Vagabond with little chance of actually competing if others bring real racers,.. OR,.. find a tandem partner and bring my Old Town Columbia. The Columbia is actually a pretty fast tandem. HMMMM! Was not sure if there will be enough participants to separate PRO RACERS from RECREATIONAL racers! Anybody getting an expected list of participants and matching class of boats they will be using?
  I am getting some feedback.
  Posted by: string on Apr-20-14 3:51 PM (EST)
There are 9 or 10 sea kayaks coming and one surf ski plus 2 SUP. Haven't heard from any other canoeists.
  Posted by: jackl on Apr-23-14 5:29 PM (EST)
I sent you a private e-male on a race in Orangeburg a week from this Saturday, but it bounced back saying it was refused.

jack L
  yatipope, I have no idea beyond
  Posted by: string on Apr-23-14 9:15 PM (EST)
The 8 sea kayaks ,1surf ski, and 2 SUP.And I think yanoer in a canoe.
  Posted by: yatipope on Apr-23-14 11:26 PM (EST)
Looks like myself and dougD will be solo canoeing along with whoever shows up
  2 is a race!
  Posted by: string on Apr-24-14 9:27 AM (EST)
Looking forward to meetings you guys.
  Yeah we just raced yesterday
  Posted by: yatipope on Apr-24-14 2:28 PM (EST)
Yeah String,.. we just "raced" eachother on a 14 miler down the Tyger and Broad Rivers on a fabulous Wedenesday with high flows. I might have beat him by one canoe length. A virtual DEAD HEAT!
  I didn't want to be impolite
  Posted by: castoff on Apr-28-14 8:50 AM (EST)
And beat a man while paddling the boat he lent me!
  I knew
  Posted by: yatipope on Apr-28-14 10:00 PM (EST)
You were sandbagging. Haha actually a sick beaver coulda beat us.
  We will find out on May 17.
  Posted by: string on Apr-28-14 11:01 PM (EST)
  Posted by: yatipope on Apr-29-14 12:25 AM (EST)
I just hope there are no sick beavers around Devils Fork State Park!
  Posted by: clement on May-08-14 5:23 PM (EST)
Do you have a schedule in mind for this? New to all this, but might as well jump in some time.
  Schedule is what rendezvous often
  Posted by: string on May-09-14 6:47 PM (EST)
Don't have but:
9am Sat - race
1pm Sat - trips to several places on the lake.
6pm Sat - pot luck dinner
All other times- hang out and relax
  I was on Jocassee this am.
  Posted by: string on May-09-14 6:50 PM (EST)
The mountain laurel is blooming and many hillsides were covered in white.
  Weather forecast GREAT
  Posted by: yatipope on May-09-14 7:20 PM (EST)
As of right now it shows sunshine with highs 80 and lows 50 and ZERO chance or rain. Hope it works out that good. Really looking forward to it!
  Imagining what a great time.....
  Posted by: voyageur47 on May-17-14 10:37 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: May-17-14 10:39 AM EST --

you're all having today with this perfect weather !! Wish I could have been there.

  We had great weather for the race.
  Posted by: string on May-17-14 9:43 PM (EST)
A big Thank You to everyone who participated from the helpers to the racers. We saw some extraordinary paddlers today.
Thank you SC Parks for providing the prizes.
We have started working on the next race with the Friends of Jocasse and SC Parks.
  Many Thanks
  Posted by: Kudzu on May-18-14 11:32 AM (EST)
for spreading the word about Jocassee. I have paddled so little that I bailed on the race and just went touring around instead. It's the most beautiful lake I ever paddled, and I was told I missed the most beautiful part. Definitely would like to go back.
  The $220 collected for the race
  Posted by: string on May-19-14 9:06 PM (EST)
was donated to the Miracle Hill Women's Shelter today. Thank you racers for your generosity.
  What a great time!
  Posted by: Parkranger on May-27-14 9:14 AM (EST)
I had a blast! It was nice to meet all of you and thanks for letting me race with a SUP! The afternoon paddle was great as well. A beautiful waterfall. The ride was a little bumpy on the ride home across the lake on my SUP, but it was a great challenge that ended with success! I look forward to next year!
  PR, you know I'll make sure you are
  Posted by: string on May-28-14 11:22 PM (EST)
involved next year. You helped make it a great event.


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