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  February Paddling trip in Ozarks
  Posted by: pblanc on Jan-17-14 10:35 AM (EST)

Since there has been some interest in arranging a paddling trip in February on either the Current River, Jack's Fork River, or possibly the Buffalo River I started this thread for anyone who wants to make a suggestion or invitation.

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  I'll Be Watching
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Jan-17-14 11:03 AM (EST)
Anyone doing a mid week trip during from now through February I'd be interested.
  Sounds good
  Posted by: paddledad on Jan-17-14 11:17 AM (EST)
I can do a mid week or weekend. Attending the 100 Acre Wood on 2/22 though.
Would probably pass on going as far as the Buffalo.
  I'll be watching...............
  Posted by: on Jan-17-14 11:57 AM (EST)
I'm interested, and will be watching for prospective dates.

Don't know about paddling with Pam? If she goes, then JoAnne will want to go. The 2 of them together on a trip are bad mojo. They get all mouthy & bossy; both of em are spoiled rotten. Pam cusses at me & puts me down when nobody else is listening, and that affects my low self image.

  Yer killin me!
  Posted by: pat2 on Jan-17-14 2:27 PM (EST)
I can't justify the trip for just a couple of days paddling :(
  Bob has been drinking again!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Jan-17-14 5:05 PM (EST)
Obviously Bob has been hitting the bottle again, because we all know how sweet I am to him. I feel so bad for him with his memory starting to go and all....

Anyway, I looked at my work calendar and not looking good for me. The only days I could do would be Feb 8 to 12 or any weekend. But others may not want to do that early in the month (could be really cold) so if the majority can do the end of the month I understand and will catch ya'll at a different time.

Everyone say a little prayer for Bob - he needs them! LOL

See ya,
  Don't worry about Bob
  Posted by: pblanc on Jan-17-14 6:49 PM (EST)
If his memory slips just a tad more, he will forget all about his low self-image.
  Posted by: on Jan-18-14 12:21 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-18-14 12:22 AM EST --

Remember; there is always a spare room w/ bed available & we'll feed you too.
Be glad to have you.
You get here & back to where you came from on your own.

BOB & JoAnne

P.S. I had nasty retorts for Pam & Pete, but forgot what they were......... :^/

  Bob's declining memory abilities
  Posted by: vic on Jan-18-14 12:31 AM (EST)
As Bob's memory abilities continue to decline he will soon be unable to remember how many canoes he has. I guess there are some canoeists out there that will help reduce the number of canoes he has so it will be easier for him to remember :-)
  Vic: JoAnne sez...............
  Posted by: on Jan-18-14 2:58 PM (EST)
JoAnne sez I only have 2 canoes; she bought & owns all the others...........and she's thinking about selling about 14 of them.
I thought she was the one who only had 2 canoes, but she assures me she is right.

Something about that doesn't sound right to me !?


  I don't know Bob ...
  Posted by: vic on Jan-19-14 1:10 AM (EST)
I don't know Bob, but my recollection seems to be in line with yours. Maybe you and I should take the old guys memory test to make sure we're not losing it. There must be one we can Google up on the web.

Just in case, I have the next 10 years of Spring and Fall Ozark Rendezvous dates on my Blackberry and Desktop calendars. Not sure what else really matters :-)
  I may be if it is toward the end of Feb
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-18-14 11:54 AM (EST)
I would like to see what all the brouhaha over the Current is about. Also meet some of the Pnet gang.
  Which brouhaha?
  Posted by: pblanc on Jan-18-14 3:58 PM (EST)
Are you referring to the Current River's popularity? If so, there are a number of things that make the Current River somewhat unique.

First, it is quite scenic. The Buffalo River in the Arkansas Ozarks is arguably more scenic, but the Current and upper Jack's Fork are quite nice.

Like the Buffalo, most of the Current and the upper Jack's Fork have been somewhat protected from development and degradation since they have been incorporated into the Ozark National Scenic Riverways back in the early 1970s, although many would argue that the National Park Service has been anywhere from lax to negligent in enforcing its own regulations for the park's management.

The Current River is also spring fed which means it has basically a year-round paddling season. Reliable water flow makes it possible for folks to plan paddling excursions there well in advance without the risk that the river will be too low (although the NPS Rangers will close sections of the river if it is too high).

There is another brouhaha going on right now over the Current River, which is a result of the NPS recently publishing a draft management plan for the ONSR. They have been talking about a new management plan at least since 2009 when they had a serious of public "steering meetings", so now four years later they have finally put a final draft into print and are currently soliciting public comment. Later this year, they will decide on which version of the management plan they are going to adopt. Maybe, four or five more years from now they will actually get around to starting to enact it, assuming Congress appropriates money for it.

But just the publication of the draft management plan has touched off a fairly intense debate. One one side of the debate are local residents who basically want to set the clock back to before the creation of the ONSR when their dads and granddads could pretty much do whatever they wanted on the rivers, horseback trail riders (many of which visit from outside the area) who want to be free to cut trails through the ONSR and cross the rivers where ever they deem it feasible and conduct mass trail rides with hundreds of riders, good old boys who want to be able to drive their ATVs across the river and party on any gravel bar they can reach, and some connected locals and politicians who oppose any attempt by the NPS to regulate the ONSR because it interferes with their ability to "develop" the recreational opportunities of the rivers so as to stimulate the local economy (and their own pocketbooks).

On the other side of the debate are the majority of the some 1.5-2 million people who visit the ONSR who would like to see it preserved from development in as close to a natural state as possible. These people are usually labeled by the locals and some local politicians as "conservationists","environmentalists",
or "tree-huggers".
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-18-14 5:58 PM (EST)
I have followed the current events about the political curremts concerning the Current on pnet. I also have read the many post by people paddling or wanting to paddle the river.

And I would like to meet pnetters that have been so helpful in answering my canoe questions . I even thought I might misfit in. ;o)
  Draft Mgmt Plan meeting!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Jan-18-14 8:38 PM (EST)
Rob and I are going to the meeting in Kirkwood on Wednesday (that is if we can get in). I'll post on the discussion page what we take away from the meeting.
  Pete I apologize ,
  Posted by: yakjak on Jan-22-14 3:12 PM (EST)
I did not see your post before posting one myself ...but between both we might scrape up a trip between us...
  I'm interested in going.
  Posted by: mississippi_dan on Jan-22-14 9:01 PM (EST)
Hopefully we'll get a break in the weather sometime in February. If not, well I'm good down to about 10 degrees at night as long as daytime is sunny.



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