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  Need paddling partner Everglades
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-15-14 5:01 PM (EST)

I would like a kayaking partner/s to join me in ENP. I have some experience there as my wife and I paddled our canoe there last year. I often kayak camp on the coast of SC and have the gear. I could do this on my own, but feel it is wiser to have company. I am flexible as to the dates between now and mid March. So if you are inclined let me know. We can work out the details then.

I thought I might join a guided trip but a 5 day runs about $800. I already have the gear and know how and would rather use that kind of money on something else. I was born in FL and know much of the natural history.

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  Just go
  Posted by: kayamedic on Jan-15-14 5:06 PM (EST)
Take some sort of communication device like a PLB or SPOT and a VHF radio.

I have soloed down there many times and never felt at risk.

You see so much more when you are alone. When there are two the birds leave and the gators spook.

Chances are you will see someone every day.
  Yeah I may just do that
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-15-14 6:41 PM (EST)
But my better half thinks a bit differently.
  Posted by: kayamedic on Jan-15-14 8:09 PM (EST)
maybe this will help those at home.. and you in the unlikely event of a mishap. SPOT rental

The one caveat is that if you forget to send an OK message those at home have to be trained not to panic. And if you are like me, I forget. There is so much to see and do and take pictures of.
  It has been on my list
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-16-14 1:55 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-16-14 5:49 PM EST --

Of things to get one day, but has not been a pressing need. I have a VHF.

  Wish I could join you
  Posted by: Kayak_Ken on Jan-16-14 9:53 AM (EST)
but until I retire I can't get enough time off to do a trip like that.

On a related note, if you would like to go on a weekend camping/paddling trip in the Okefenokee Swamp sometime let me know. It's not that far from South Caroline and many of the trips do not require a shuttle. Most of the overnight campsites are on platforms and the cost is $10 per person per night.

  Sounds like a plan.
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-16-14 2:06 PM (EST)
Ken I may join you for a weekend in the swamp camping.Do you have a weekend in mind? Canoe or kayak? The Okefenokee is one of the places I have wanted to do. I have paddled some on tbe Swanee River in FL.
  Most of February is open for me
  Posted by: Kayak_Ken on Jan-16-14 3:21 PM (EST)
Here are two overnight trips from Kingfisher Landing.
  Ken I'll email you. Enjoyed the photos.
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-16-14 4:13 PM (EST)
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-16-14 5:03 PM (EST)
Looks like my email went to me from Pnet. So you may have to click on the email option and email me. If that doesn't work I'll post my email address for you.
  You would do much better
  Posted by: jackL on Jan-16-14 6:53 PM (EST)
to meet up with some one you know and are familiar with, like from around your neck of the woods, and then the two of you can plan a trip together.
It is hard to make plans with some one you don't know and don't know their capabilities.
It could end up being a not to nice experience.
With that said, we will be there in early March doing a five or six nighter, and if per chance we bumped into you, you could join us, but we are not making prior plans at this time and won't until about a week before we go.
If a front blows through while you are out there, you could be stuck in one place for two or three days.
My advice is to do a circular trip starting and ending in the same place. Either from the Everglades City end or the Flamingo end.

Jack L
  We will be looping out of EC
  Posted by: kayamedic on Jan-16-14 7:27 PM (EST)
Jan 31-Feb 8. Probably go as far as Lostmans 5 and explore as far inland as possible.. also Charley Creek and some keys NW of EC.
  Thank you for your offer.
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-17-14 11:31 AM (EST)
This might work out time wise as I hope to paddle with KayakKen the weekend of Feb 8th in the Okefenokee. So would not be with y'all the entire time. I don't want to impose on your trip so do not feel obligated.

If you plan on canoes then my wife Carol may be willing to go. I have not paddled out of EC yet, but my Dad use to live there as a child and has a few interesting tales from back then he is 90 now and going strong.

I may try to get to the FL freesytle gathering at the end of March, since I think I will try to go turkey hunting with my Dad prior to that and would be in FL anyway. however nothing is decided yet.
  We will be in canoes
  Posted by: kayamedic on Jan-17-14 12:14 PM (EST)
both solo.. a Rapid Fire and a Monarch. We will spend considerable time on the Gulf and as little on the Wilderness Waterway as we can.
  Do you use spray covers for the solos?
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-17-14 5:06 PM (EST)
How about kayak or canoe paddles for the gulf?
If I bring my old Curtis solo tripper instead of a kayak do you think it would be fine in the gulf without a spray cover?
  Keep in mind that in the gulf,....
  Posted by: jackL on Jan-17-14 5:42 PM (EST)
as well as in White Water Bay and a few other places you can have mill pond conditions, and at other times raging gales with three, four, and five foot white caps. It is always a crap shoot, so you need to be prepaired for the worst possible conditions.

Jack L
  Ditto that Jack
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-18-14 11:43 AM (EST)
Last year in a small bay we were hit by high wind and 1-2 foot waves while paddling our MR explorer 16 out to Lane Bay chicky in ENP. That is why I asked about a spray cover (which I do not have). I just acquired my solo canoes this last spring so do not have much experience with them in rough open water yet. Though years ago when I was much younger I played with my Mowhawk fiberglass tandem in the FL surf. It was a bear to handle and empty when capsized.

I kayak camp on the coast of SC and been in 25kt winds and 3-4 foot white caps paddling Bulls Bay. I also enjoy surfing my sea kayak. I have played for a short while in 30kt winds and 5-6 foot surf, so I am aware of the risk, but thank you on the heads up.
  You are right Jack
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-17-14 11:18 AM (EST)
But, I couldn't get my regular paddling partners to go as they have work obligations. I am fairly easy to get along with, and flexible, but I know what you mean about different expectations and capabilities.

Thanks for your offer but I don't think the timing will work out for me as things now stand. However, I would like to meet you and Nancy some time. Maybe for the Edisto race (though I haven't tried racing). I do enjoy you posting about your paddling.
  Come to the Edistoe just to meet ....
  Posted by: jackL on Jan-17-14 5:44 PM (EST)
some of the good people that we meet there each year and have become good friends with-----Providing that the water level is up

Jack L
  I would want to paddle too!
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-18-14 11:45 AM (EST)
  Of course. I didn't mean for you not to.
  Posted by: jackL on Jan-18-14 4:34 PM (EST)
Prior to the race shoot me an e-mail and we will let you know the river level and if it is advisable to do it or not.
The year before last it was the race from hell, and we should have known on race day when none of the locals showed up.
If things work out we will be paddling the course the day before the race and if you live close enough, join us, (bring a saw) and we can show you the two short cuts, which are legal.
Of course once we show you we have to kill you so you can't beat us.

jack L

  will do it sounds fun
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-18-14 5:40 PM (EST)
  Decided to put off the Glades
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-25-14 12:51 PM (EST)
Instead I will paddle the Okefenokee. Thanks for everyones input.
  get or make a spray cover
  Posted by: kayamedic on Jan-25-14 5:47 PM (EST)
before you go on the Gulf. I have paddled the Peregrine in two foot chop..and its quite different from two foot chop in other areas as the Everglades water is so shallow and the fetch can be huge. Without a spray cover its a crapshoot involving paddling very early..before daybreak. With the spray cover, so very much more secure.

Solo you do not have an extra hand to bail so it behooves you to keep the Gulf out of your boat rather than in it.
  My plans were to bring either the kayak
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-25-14 6:58 PM (EST)
I built or my North Shore Buccaneer for paddling the Gulf. I wasn't looking to impose on others, just looking for someone to paddled with me.

However I haven't paddled the Okefenokee, and now plan on paddling some with Kayak Ken, and doing some day trips with maybe doing part of the upper Suwanee River. I will be paddling the Kevlar Curtis Solo Tripper I picked up this spring. I really enjoy paddling it, and this will be a good place to enjoy it.

I may or may not get a cover as I really like my kayaks when at the coast. Although a cover would be nice on some of the more active rivers.
  Posted by: Bhote on Feb-05-14 10:45 AM (EST)
Hello Castoff,
I'm cautiously interested in discussing how this might work.
  Bhote I sent you an email
  Posted by: castoff on Feb-05-14 12:48 PM (EST)
  I have the coast of SC in my plans this
  Posted by: string on Feb-07-14 10:56 PM (EST)
year. We will be at Litchfield for a week in July. My favorite places to paddle are around Bull Island and the Waccamaw/Edisto.Maybe we can get together.
  just got back from the Okefenokee
  Posted by: castoff on Feb-10-14 2:39 PM (EST)
I will email you today or tomorrow. Kayak Ken said his canoe, cover, and carbon ZRE he bought from you.Got anymore good deals! We had a good time paddling the swamp.


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