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  Eleven Point River Tandem Canoe Race
  Posted by: pblanc on Jan-03-14 6:51 PM (EST)

Is anyone but me dumb enough to consider this:

It is 20 mile downriver tandem canoe race (Greer to Riverton). It is rather pricy at $180 per tandem team entry fee, but that does at least include shuttle service, barbeque dinner, live music, and free beer tent.

I do have a reasonably fast tandem (actually converted from a large volume solo) that I could use. Might be a little "tippy".

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  That is way too expensive
  Posted by: jackL on Jan-04-14 6:56 AM (EST)
My wife and I love to race our tandem canoes and do so here and there and I have never heard of a canoe race at that short a distance, that expensive.
I hope the meal they are giving you is a five course one served on silver platters!

Jack L
  Posted by: davavd on Jan-04-14 9:52 AM (EST)
Way more than I have ever paid, too. I guess they are weeding out the riff-raff.
  Posted by: redrocket on Jan-04-14 1:04 PM (EST)
I'm going to enter. Looks like it should be a fun time! Just ninety per person. That includes camping eating and drinking. Plus a shuttle. Sounds fair to me?
  Posted by: pblanc on Jan-04-14 1:57 PM (EST)
I think it is a bit high myself, but I would like to point out to those unfamiliar with this area that private outfitters are typically charging minimally $40 to do a shuttle on this stretch of river. Shuttle fees on the nearby Current River have run as high as $100 which I consider pretty ridiculous.

Considering that $40 of each $180 team entry fee goes to a non-profit to help restore Greer Mill, and that the fee includes camping at the outfitter, barbeque, and beer it is not entirely outrageous.
  Pete, if I were your bow man
  Posted by: deuce on Jan-04-14 2:32 PM (EST)
would you let me bring my Sitbacker? I promise I'd draw or pry whenever you told me to.
  Looks to me................
  Posted by: on Jan-05-14 10:57 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-05-14 11:12 AM EST --

Based on photos I saw on the website; some of the teams are in it strictly for fun.
BUT there are obviously some others teams that are strictly serious, no joking, no lollygagging, no lily dipping, and no stopping for any break, of any kind.

Frankly, I am a little surprised that such teams would make the effort to enter such a little known race; considering the cost of the entry fee, travel expenses, etc.

Might be a fun trip to put on prior to the race start, and lollygag on down to the takeout.........for the festivities?

When I see what are obviously racing canoes; paddled by guys with high dollar Zaveral, bent shaft paddles.........the possibility of my being involved is NOT high.


P.S. The mill at Greer is most definitely worth the preservation effort, in my opinion. If you go to that area, take the hike to Greer Spring; it's a beautiful spring, and a great photo op.

  Posted by: redrocket on Jan-05-14 11:18 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-05-14 11:24 AM EST --

I believe that this is the first year for the race, I don't think that those are pictures of it. They might just be generic racing photos they put up to jazz it up. That did not look like the eleven point at all. I have never been in a racing canoe of the caliber that is shown, but it looks like it would be a little tough getting down the eleven point in one. I could be completely wrong on this. I am thinking of taking my nova craft prospector. Last time I was on that river there were some hairpin turns. The spring is absolutely beautiful. Some of my favorite memories as a kid in a canoe is on that river. We went there once a year in boy scouts. I live seven hours away and hope it is worth it. This will be my first canoe race so I am pretty excited. I entered the mr340 this year, in for a penny in for a pound! I hope to meet some of you at the eleven point beer tent.

  11 point race
  Posted by: bsloss on Jan-05-14 11:50 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-05-14 11:52 AM EST --

We have never done this race before, so those were generic pics the web guy threw up there. We also plan to have live music at the bbq. One thing I fretted over in doing this event was price, but given the expense of putting on the event and still raising money for the mill, it was the best we could do, unless we got rid of the bbq, beer tent, band etc. I hope some of you will find this enough of a value and a good enough cause to choose to participate.
By the way, this is supposed to be fun, so you don't need to be the fastest paddler out there.

  Posted by: pblanc on Jan-05-14 2:35 PM (EST)
If you are interested in doing this race, send me an email. I haven't absolutely decided on trying to do it, but I could probably be easily persuaded.

  I'd Like To Do It
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Jan-06-14 11:37 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-06-14 11:39 AM EST --

Not sure I could keep upright in your canoe, Pete, but I wouldn't mind paddling it in my Mistral with someone and catching an occasional glimpse of you up ahead (LOL)! Plus, those of us who know the river would have a "Home Field" advantage on the fancy racers? I have no delusions I could do more than finish, but it might be fun?

  I tried to get Rob to do it!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Jan-07-14 3:53 PM (EST)
He considered it for a second, but then said his shoulder couldn't do a "race". Plus that is the same weekend as MWA Whitewater clinic and Rob is planning on being a safety boater this year.

It sounds like fun! Do I have to do all 20 miles in one day - LOL - why can't we just camp for the night?? I can't wait to hear the stories!
  I'd Love To Do It
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Jan-07-14 4:13 PM (EST)
But, then I got back to reality and remembered my bad body parts that would protest and conspire against me (LOL)!
  No way I'm gonna do it..................
  Posted by: on Jan-07-14 7:49 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-07-14 7:59 PM EST --

Some of those "speed racers" will probably paddle the whole course the day before the race to scope out any spots that may present any concern to them. Just a "warm up" for some of them. Probably mark those spots on map & gps, and might even film them on GoPro. Other than perhaps 1 or 2 such spots, they'll be going full speed ahead from start to finish.

On race day, the serious racers will likely be out of sight of the pack in the first mile or two. The pack will "never" see them again; except at the take out. That will be a couple of hours after the real racers have taken out.

As stated previously, I think it's for a good cause. Enter the race for that reason, and to have a few laughs. Have some Bar B Que, and have a couple of frosty adult beverages at the after race party. You'll probably have a pretty good time.

If I know you, you are part of a tandem team, and your team comes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.........I'll buy your team a 6 pack each, and have it chilled & ready for you at the Spring Rendezvous.
Go for it racing dudes!


  Posted by: paddledad on Jan-07-14 4:22 PM (EST)
Wonder how a Penob 186 would do. Sure wouldn't be tippy.
Problem probably is finding a partner.
  Posted by: bsloss on Jan-07-14 8:39 PM (EST)
I really don't think we are going to get many, if any of the hard core racers. We want people to compete, but it is more for fun than glory.
That said, we will be happy to have a few serious racers if they want to give it a go. I guess what I am saying is, don't let the fact that you might not be at the head of the pack keep you from participating. It will be fun!
  The Penobscot 186
  Posted by: pblanc on Jan-08-14 8:45 AM (EST)
would probably do great. The Penobscots have won their share of down river races. The only problem with the 186 would be avoiding root wads and such as it is a big boat with little rocker so it certainly wont spin on a dime. But that is true of downriver racing boats in general.
  Big Boats on the EP
  Posted by: deuce on Jan-08-14 9:33 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-08-14 9:34 AM EST --

I soloed my loaded sixteen footer (MR Explorer full of camping and fishing gear) from Greer to Riverton last October over two days. It was an exquisite trip, but, there are some REALLY tight spots (or were then). I'm confident you'd be able to get that big Penobscot through them, but if the spots I recall, one in particular, are still as woody and tight as they were then you'll need your team skills to do it.

  Posted by: bsloss on Jan-09-14 6:49 PM (EST)
Canoe Race announcement: Deep Fried Squirrel will bring their "progressive newgrass" sound to the post race festivities. Check them out at to get a taste of delicious ozark squirrel. These guys are sure to show everyone a good time. Remember to register by the 1st of Mar. I am considering a solo canoe category as I have been getting a few requests, so if that is your preference, speak up soon.
  solo canoe
  Posted by: redrocket on Jan-14-14 4:51 PM (EST)
I would definitely put a solo category. Four of us are entering from central IL and it could be five if there is a solo category. The band sounds like a blast. The guys I talked into doing the race want to know what kind of beer will be served? Thanks!
  Posted by: bsloss on Jan-15-14 7:30 PM (EST)
I am working on a deal now with a brewery and will announce it as soon as I have struck a deal.
  Posted by: bsloss on Jan-29-14 7:08 PM (EST)
Remember, if you are planning to to participate in our Greer Mill fundraiser, the Great Eleven Point River Canoe Race, the sooner you register, the better. I need to know by Mar 1 if you are coming to make sure we have enough racers to go ahead with it. Email me at or go to to get details and email me from there. Along with the tandem division, we are planning a solo race as well for half the the tandem entry fee. Feel free to call me at 417-778-6497.
  Mill update
  Posted by: bsloss on Feb-13-14 6:15 PM (EST)
Talked to the forest service today and we are going to need some volunteer labor this spring to move trash out of the Greer mill and dig the basement down about 3 inches. We are going to start on roof repairs and/or replacement soon(this spring, summer or fall) and this fall we are hoping to get foundation work done with an historical restoration company. Nothing written in stone, but this is our general plan for the first phase of the restoration. You can donate at or enter the Great Eleven Point River Race to support the cause.


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