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  Yukon River Trip (leaving from Georgia)
  Posted by: robnovey on Dec-31-13 7:42 AM (EST)

I'm going to paddle the Yukon river again this summer from Whitehorse Canada to the Bering Sea (2,000 miles) and am leaving from Georgia on June 1st. There are numerous shorter trips (1 week, 2 week, 3 week, etc) available in the area. I will be driving my own boat up and have space for more boats. If anyone is considering paddling that area from the Southeast U.S. I'd be happy to have company for the drive and someone to split expenses with. If you do a shorter trip than I, you could fly back and leave your boat in storage till I pick it up and drive it back. I'm happy to talk about any options. It's a long solo drive. Another option is that I could provide a boat if someone wanted to fly in and paddle. Use the email link to contact me. Thx--Rob

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  Yukon calling
  Posted by: yknpdlr on Jan-01-14 9:08 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-02-14 10:43 AM EST --

I'm in the northeast, so I can't help out with your travels, but I am envious of your paddle trip. I've paddled the YRQ race to Dawson twice, and the Y1K race to the Dalton Highway bridge twice, with plans to return for a third time on the 1000 mile. But I am really tempted to finish the entire 2000 mile trip to the Bering Sea. No firm plans yet for that. For anyone who has been there, the Yukon always calls, doesn't it. Good luck to you.

  I hear it...
  Posted by: tjalmy on Jan-01-14 8:23 PM (EST)
loud and clear. Robs invite had me checking maps and mileage. I'd love to go, but it's too early in life for me. Still tied down for a couple of years.
  I hear you
  Posted by: robnovey on Jan-09-14 8:14 PM (EST)
It's tough to get away for such a trip. That's why It's been so long between my first trip and this one.
  Posted by: robnovey on Jan-09-14 8:16 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-09-14 8:18 PM EST --

If anyone needs any Yukon trip planning help, email me. I've done the full river once. This will be my second trip.

  Its been two years.
  Posted by: kayamedic on Jan-02-14 6:14 PM (EST)
since the last Yukon trip. Two years too long.

Too tempting.. I don't want to do all the way to the Bering Sea but to the Dalton Hwy.

Getting off river at Dawson was too short a trip for me.
  Posted by: slim on Jan-09-14 11:18 AM (EST)
I would love to do the Yukon with you,but work at a school as a custodian and probably can't have a leave of absensce.I hope you have a great trip though. I would be interested in doing some trips with you when I am out for vacation though. I have paddled most of the rivers in Ga. and the Buffalo River,which is gorgeous.
  The second half
  Posted by: yknpdlr on Jan-09-14 1:51 PM (EST)
Dawson is less than half way to the Dalton Highway bridge. It is a fairly different river below Dawson, and completely changes character below Circle. Lots more challenges in reading channels and currents and selecting pathways around islands and shortcuts that work. Having done the full trip to the bridge twice, I can't wait to go back, and maybe continue on further.
  Posted by: robnovey on Jan-09-14 8:17 PM (EST)
Always happy for find someone to paddle with.
  Posted by: slim on Jan-24-14 1:09 PM (EST)
I was wondering if you were using a kayak or canoe. I would like to use my Sea kayak,because it moves faster. The problem is storing stuff. I could probably get a weeks worth of food into it. What are the supply places from white horse to Dawson,if there are any. I still don't know if I can go but I hope to. My other kayak holds more,it is Old Town Tandem. It is more open and shaped like a canoe.

Basil Youman
  Posted by: yknpdlr on Jan-24-14 7:15 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-24-14 7:35 PM EST --

From Whitehorse it is 430(ish) miles to Dawson, depending on your exact route and what shortcuts you take. There is really only one place to resupply, and that is at Carmacks, approximately 190 miles into the trip. Another longshot, and only for a very expensive sandwich or small snack is the roadhouse at Kirkman Creek, mile 335. But you won't get any other major supplies there. That is it.

Beyond Dawson it is even slimmer. Eagle is at mile 525. You will have to stop there anyway to have your passport checked (really). The town was practically wiped out by ice jams and flooding in recent years, so I am not sure of the supply situation there. Beyond Eagle are a few small First Nation villages, including Fort Yukon, Circle, Beaver, and Stevens before the Dalton Highway truck stop. I haven't been below the bridge, so cannot speak to any potential supply villages there.

You should know that for the first Yukon 1000 mile race in 2009, Whitehorse to the Dalton Highway bridge in Alaska, race organizers required 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of food per person be carried on board. No resupply was allowed. Canoes and tandem kayaks managed to do it. It was meant to last for potentially 3 weeks on a race that really took only 6 days, or 10 days for the last of the pack to finish. That turned out to be a vastly excessive amount of food, and that weight requirement was dropped after the first year. It is up to racers to determine how much normal plus emergency supply of food they need.

  Yukon Trip
  Posted by: JChap on Jun-11-14 7:00 PM (EST)
Hi - I just read your Yukon trip & wish you "happy trails" . I assume/hope that you are now well on the way. We live in Virginia & in recent years have made seasonal trips July / NW via Seattle or BC then up to either Prince Rupert via BC ferry or flights over glaciers to Terrance, BC from Vancouver. One year we visited close to South tip of AK to visit wife's friend who is a nurse lives in BC, etc. Thus we are interested in next year (or possibly return trip this year)- TBD. My interest is in camping/bicycling - my wife likes that region and visits few weeks with family in BC yearly. (We have also used "Sky-Miles" but have also considered land route - Enormous distance > 1700 miles via land route to Yukon! I don't have folding bike for carry-on but the BC-ferry rate for a bike is low / car or trailer is $$$ same for AK Marine Hwy. What is your schedule?



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